Anna University Model Test Paper Animal Biotechnology

Anna University Model Test Paper Animal Biotechnology

(V Semester)


Max. Marks: 100                                                                                           Time: 3 hours


Answer ALL the Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

1. Define biotechnology and mention about 3 ancient biotechnology processes

2. Write a brief note on CPCSEA guidelines

3. Write about equilibrium density-gradient centrifugation

4. How do you increase the monoclonal antibody titre in a culture

5. Debate reproductive cloning in animals versus humans

6. List the gene delivery methods with special mention to microinjection

7. How do you evaluate the embryo quality and sex?

8. Define the usage of progesterone, prostoglandin and PMSG

9. Mention the importance of marker genes in DNA transfection

10. Why cell Ca2+ is an inexpensive but cAMP is an expensive second messenger?


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11. What is POSILAC? Explain its physiological counterpart in vivo, its synthesis, regulation and significance in animal productivity


12. Write about the physical properties and chemical composition of culture media




      What is a nuclear transfer technique? Write about the recent developments in stem cell research.


13.       Explain the procedures and selection criteria for making an hybridoma and an EBV transformed cell line



            Write in detail about the Ca2+ messenger system, its regulation of multiple proteins and cell functions


14. What are ‘Biologicals’?  Write an essay on therapeutic products from animal cells.




      Define MOET, its significance and explain the techniques step by step starting from synchronisation of oestrus


15.       How extracellular signal is transduced within the cells by G-proteins and cAMP?




     How do you create a transgenic mice? Write about the research opportunities and applications of transgenic animals

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