Anna University Model Question Paper BE VII sem COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR ENGINEERS



B.E. / B.Tech. DEGREE Programmes


Answer ALL Questions

PART A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)


1. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B.




a) cohesive – that which is necessary.


b) requisite – sticking together


c) evolve – strikingly grand


d) spectacular – develop gradually


2. Describe the uses of gold in four sentences.


3. Write a set of four instructions that should be followed for proper maintenance of two wheelers. Use imperatives.


4. What are the four main features of a well-written paragraph?


5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate tense forms of verbs given in brackets.


a) I ___________ (learn) English for the past 13 years

b) In 1860’s the Impressionist painters ______ (shake) the world by their revolutionary ideas.

c) Ananova ________ (look) and ________ (behave) like a human newscaster.


6. Complete the following sentences appropriately.


If I were the President of America _____________________________________


If it had not rained




7. Use the following in sentences of your own


a) in the midst of

b) set the pace for


8. Punctuate the following passage.


in his junior year bill gates dropped out of harward to devote his energies to microsoft the company he had begun in 1975 with paul allen


9. Complete the following sentences with relative clauses. Use relative pronouns.


a) There are certain stable and lighter chemicals


b) A candidate _____________________________ is confident and relaxed.


10. Write sentences using the following homophones and bring out the Differences in their meanings.


Residence Residents


Loose Lose


PART B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11. Read the text and answer the following questions

WAR has never solved any problem. It leaves behind it hatred and spirit of revenge in the minds of those who have been defeated and gives rise to pride and vanity in the mind of one who has conquered. So, the lull after the war should not be taken as an era of real peace but it is just like the lull before a storm.

Not very long ago, Ashoka, a king of India, learnt after a great battle, that war causes much suffering on either side and gives rise to many other problems. Alexander, the great conqueror, also realized this in the end and, so when he was down with serious illness, he said to his Generals; “When I am dead, let my hands be out of the coffin so that the people can see that I am leaving this world empty-handed. All my loot and plunder, all the territory I conquered, has been left behind”. Mr.Dwight D.Eisenhower, the late President of America, who was once a Commander of the Allied Forces in the World War II and had seen the upheavals and ravages of war from close quarters, said, “Having been directly connected with war, I know what it really means in terms of human misery and I, therefore, now shun war”.

But do the political leaders of today, who are men in seats of power, take this wise counsel? No, under pressure of public opinion or due to some compelling circumstances, man again decides to go in for war, overtly or covertly. This is the great weakness in

man. Men and nations can solve their problems only in a peaceful manner. Though man has languages as a potent means of expression and he has the intellect also to argue his case and convince others, yet man ultimately uses the ways of the animals that strike head against head.

The difficulty with the animals is understandable because they do not have language and reason as their means to seek justice nor do they have any developed system of jurisprudence. So, the lesson I learn from history is that ‘man does not learn lessons from history’.

I. Fill in the blanks with appropriate expressions chosen from the text.

i) Those who have lost in war will lodge _________ and a spirit of _______

ii) Ashoka realised that war causes much _______ on either side and gives rise to many other ___________.

iii) Eisenhower realized that war only brought about _________

iv) Under pressure man takes up war either __________ or __________

v) Man can avoid war because he has __________ as a potent means of expression and the __________ to argue out his case to the opponents.

vi) Without using the power of reason men, in the end, follow the ways of ____________ and resort to war.

vii) What one learns from history is that man does not learn lessons from _________.

II. Answer the following questions


i) War is not the answer to problems between nations – Discuss.

ii) What message did King Alexander want to convey by asking his generals to have his hands out of the coffin after death?

iii) Why did Mr. Dwight Eisenhower hate war?

iv) Animals can afford to fight amongst themselves, but not men, why?

v) Man does not learn from history – Explain the statement with illustration.

B) Pick out four expressions that are related to war and death from the text and use them in sentences of your own.

12. Write a coherent paragraph of about 250 words on

How bees construct their homes.


Your visit to an important city.

13. Write a set of eight recommendations for Civil Engineers to follow in order to ensure success in their profession – (Use Modal verbs).


Write a set of eight recommendations following which your area can become free of land pollution and noise pollution. (Use Modal verbs).

14. Write a report of 300 words on the increased facilities available in any temple city. It is for submission to the Director of the Tourism Development.


Write a report of 300 words to the Hindu on the recent International Conference of Civil Engineers held at your college.

15. Write a letter to the editor on the existence of only ill-equipped schools in your locality.


Write a letter of application in answer to the advertisement given below.

Enclose a suitable bio-data sheet. S & P Foundation requires site Engineers B.E./D.C.E. (Civil) with 4-6 years’

experience in site

Apply to

The Manager

No.24, Madley Road




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