Anna University Model Question Paper BE V sem I&CE CONTROL SYSTEM COMPONENTS






Time : 3 Hours                                                                               Max. Marks : 100

Answer all Question


PART – B (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.         Illustrate with a neat sketch the components of a typical closed loop control system.


2.         Distinguish the noises introduced due to inclusive and capacitive couplings.


3.         What are the methods available for digital data transmission?


4.         Explain a method by which pH can be measured.


5.         How positive and negative voltage references are generated for control loops using potentiometers?


6.         Draw a neat diagram to explain how differential gears add or subtract positions.


7.         Design a negative feedback circuit to speed up the time constant of a linear first order element from 1 sec to 0.5 sec.


8.         List out the features of a DC servomotor over a normal motor.


9.         List out advantages of stepper motors over servomotors.


10.       Explain the role of modulation and demodulators in DC amplification.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.i)     An electrical analog network is realized in the inverting and non-inverting summer given with input resistances 1 Kohm. Derive the ratio between input and output voltages in the two summers.                                                                           (8)


   ii)      Design a mechanical summer using a lever and walking beam to subtract a displacement y from x such that resultant = 3x – 2y.                                                     (8)


12.a)    Illustrate with a neat sketch the functioning of a synchro in a control loop.       (16)




12.b)    Illustrate with a neat sketch the functioning of resolver used for rectangular to polar or polar to rectangular conversion.                                                                (16)


13.a)    Explain the characteristics of any two transducer used for displacement and speed measurement.                                                                                                      (16)




13.b)    Explain the characteristics of any two transducer used for temperature and pressure measurement.                                                                                      (16)


14.a)    Illustrate a typical position control system using an AC or DC drives, clearly indicating the choice of control element at each stage.                              (16)




14.b)    Illustrate a typical level control system in a process loop, clearly indicating the choice of control element at each stage.                                                        (16)


15.a)i)  List out atleast five reasons to introduce gear train in mechanical systems.          (8)


       ii)  Illustrate with a neat sketch, how variable speed is achieved for the local using gear trains and clutches.                                                                                           (8)




15.b)i)  Explain the sources of noises and methods of eliminating them in long connectively between devices.                                                                               (8)


      ii)   Distinguish the terms resolution, accuracy and precision.                                     (8)




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