Anna University Marine Electronics Model Test Paper

Anna University Marine Electronics Model Test Paper


Time : 3 hours                                                                                    Maximum Marks: 100

Instruction:  Answer All Question                                             Part- A  (10 x 2 =  20 marks)

1.Define slew rate of Op-Amp?

2.What are ideal characteristics of differential amplifier.

3.Implement the Boolean expression Y = AB + BA’using Universal gates.

4.Differentiate between RAM and ROM.

5. Draw weighted resistor type D-A converter and write the expression for output    voltage?

6.Write the applications of Q-meter?

7. Explain immediate addressing mode of 8085 with an example.

8.Draw the structure of the flag register of 8085?

9.Draw the characteristic of SCR?

10.How does a phototransistor differ from a photo diode.

PART – B  (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11. Explain 8085 Architecture with a neat block diagram.

12.a)i)  Draw the inverting amplifier using Op-amp. Derive its voltage gain, input               impedance and output impedance.                                                              (8 marks)

ii) How Op-amp can be used as integrator and differentiator?                      (8 marks)


12.b) Draw a differential amplifier and how it is immune to noise. What are the different modes of operation of differential – amplifier.


13.a) With the help of logic diagram and timing waveform describe the functioning of

i) Serial in – Serial out shit register.

ii)Parallel in – Serial output shift register.


13.b)i)  What is the advantage of synchronous counter over ripple counter. Draw the                logic diagram of a 3 bit synchronous counter using flip flops and describe briefly its principles sketch the waveforms present at output of various flip flops.

(10 marks)

 ii)  State and explain Demorgan’s theorem of Boolean Algebra.                    (6 marks)

14.a)i)  Define Resolution and Accuracy of A/D Converter.                                  (6 marks)


ii) Explain Successive Approximation type of A/D converter. How do you                    compare its speed with that of a counter type A/D converter.                 (10 marks)


14.b)i)  What is the principle of operation of CRO with block diagram.                (9 marks)

ii)  What are different controls found on the front panel of a CRO. What are their functions?                                                                                                            (7 marks)


15.a)i)  Distinguish between Photo conductive and Photo voltaic modes of operation of Photodiodes.                                                                                                          (6 marks)


ii)  Explain operating Principle of LED with its V-I characteristics.               (6 marks)


iii)  Define spectral bandwidth and candle power of an Optical device.          (4 marks


15.b) Explain with neat circuit power rectification using SCR. Derive the expression for DC power delivered to load in terms of conduction angle.



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