Anna University Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis Model Test Paper

Anna University Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis Model Test Paper


Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                Max : 100 Marks

PART – A Answer the following questions :- (10 x 2 = 20)

1.Explain the application of UV – Spectroscopy

2.Explain the application of NMR – Spectroscopy

3.State Beer’s LawState the application of visible spectroscopy.

4.State the application of Colorimetry.

5.State the difference between Single and Double Beam spectrometers.

6.Give classification diagram for different chromatographic techniques.

7.State the various methods of expressing precision and accuracy of a result with relevant relationships.

8.Write on

i)Determine and indeterminate errors.

ii)Coupled vibrations and fermi resonance.


i) Normal distribution curves in error analysis.

ii)Rejection criteria.


PART – B Answer Five of the following questions :- (5 x 16 = 80)


11.A    With a neat sketch explain principle, working method and application of visible spectrometry.                        (10)

B    Explain application of colorimetry                                                                              (6)



i) With necessary sketch explain principle, working method of Infra red spectroscopy.

ii)     Give a note on Hook’s law.                                                                                        (4)

iii)    Discuss application of single and double beam spectrometers.                                  (4)



i) Explain with neat sketch and suitable example, the application and theory of Mass spectroscopy.                                                                                                             (10)

ii)Explain the difference between Raman Spectra and IR Spectra.                              (6)



i) Explain in detail the merits and demerits of different types of conductometric titrations’s.                                                                                                             (8)

ii)Define the two important laws of conductance.                                                        (4)

iii)Give a note on Ion Selective electrodes.                                                                    (4)




i)Explain types of potentiometer titrations and also discuss the advantages.               (8)

ii)Explain thermometric titrations and their applications.                                              (8)



i) Explain with neat sketch, working principle and method of paper chromatography. (8)

ii)Discuss in detail on Gas chromatography.                                                                  (6)

iii)What is chromatographic technique.                                                                           (2)




i) Discuss in detail about theory and application of thin layer chromatography.           (6)

ii)Explain in detail about Gel permeation chromatography.                                          (6)

iii)Discuss the application of high performance liquid chromatography.                        (4)



i)How the different spectrophotometers are précised?                                                 (6)

ii)Discuss in detail about errors in pH meters.                                                               (6)

iii) What are the type errors occurred in visible spectrometry.                                         (4)




i)Give details how to get accuracy in Gas chromatography.                                         (6)

ii)Discuss in detail about errors in mass spectroscopy.                                                  (6)

iii)List out the methods of expressing the accuracy in NMR spectroscopy.                   (4)



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