Anna University Exam Paper Robotics and Vision System

Anna University Exam Paper Robotics and Vision System


Time : 3 Hours.                                                                                  Maximum Marks : 100

PART –A  (10 x 2 =20 Marks)

1.What is the need for drive system?

2.Write three types of drive systems used in Robots?

3.Define frame, and degrees of freedom.

4.What is the difference between forward and inverse kinematics?

5.Briefly mention about force control system of robots?

6.What is meant by Machine Vision? Give an example.

7.What is meant by Medial axis and give one example.

8.Define the term ‘image irradiance’ of a point in the image plane.

9.What is image flow?Define a difference picture.

10.What is meant by ‘Active Vision’?


PART – B   ( 5 x 16 = 80 Marks )

11.Explain, with sketches, the Denavit Hartenberg representation to describe the relationships between adjacent links of a robot?


12.a)What is robot? Classify the robots based on the arm geometry, power sources         applications, control techniques and path control.


12.b)i)  What are the advantages of interfacing computers with robots? Write a note on RS 232 interface.

ii)  Explain RS 232 Communication.

13.a)    Explain the following :

  1. Image Geometry.
  2. Levels of Computation with examples.


13 b).  Discuss the following with reference to image processing :

  1. Thresholding
  2. Geometric properties of image formation and processing.


14 a ).   Explain the following terms :

  1. Image resolution.
  2. Depth of field
  3. View Volume
  4. Exposure


14 b)    Discuss the following :

  1. Color constancy
  2. Methods of texture analysis


15a).What is meant by Dynamic Vision?  Discuss the following :

  1. Dynamic scene analysis.
  2. Detection of changes in successive frames of a sequence.
  3. OR

15 b).   Explain the following :

  1. Segmentation using a moving Camera.
  2. Tracking.



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