Anna University Exam Paper Design of Mechatronics System

Anna University Exam Paper Design of Mechatronics System



TIME – 3 Hours                                                                    MAXIMUM : 100 Marks

PART – A                     (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.What are the commonly us.ed types of pneumatic motor?

2.Write few words about Brushes Machines

3.What is the difference between traditional and Mechatronics Engineering?

4.Define : Ergonomics

5.Write any four major components of a DAC system ?

6What is meant by over framing ?

7.Write four important hardware components required for strain gauge weighing system case study?

8.Where rotary optical encoders are used and write its types?

9.What is Engine Management system ?

10.What is UPC, EAN ?


PART – B                (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.(i) Explain important stages of the design process?                               (8)

(ii) Explain main areas of operator risk ?                                        (4)

(iii) What are all the abilities of the human operator and the system

must be taken into account while designing? Compare.                  (4)


12.  (a)  Explain axial and radial piston motors with neat sketch.                 (16)


( OR )


(b) Explain briefly different types of fixed ratio motion converters With neat sketch


13.(a)What is real time interfacing ? Explain briefly the elements of a data acquisition and control system with neat sketch.                    (16)

( OR )


(b)(i)  Write any four graphical-based application software used for DAC system with its description.


(ii)How to install I / O card and software for DAC system? Explain. (12)


14. a)  Explain the following data acquisition case study with sketch

“Transducer calibration system for automotive application”.                    (16)


( OR )


b) Explain briefly the experiment “ car park barriers “ with system and circuit

Diagrams.                                                                                                          (16)


15. a)  Explain the following data acquisition and control case study with sketch

“pH control system “.                                                                                        (16)


( OR )


b) (i) Draw the block diagram of EMS system.                                                  (4)

(ii) Explain De Icing Temperature control system briefly.                 (12)

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