Anna University Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres II Test Paper

Anna University Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres II Test Paper


Time: 3hrs                                                                                          Max Marks: 100

Answer ALL Questions                                                                 PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1.Why sulphur dyes are cheaper than any other dyes?

2.Give any one method of identification of sulphur dyes.

3.Why azoic dyes are not mostly used for the dyeing Cellulosic materials.

4.What are the auxiliaries used in the development of Azoics.

5.List out some of the application properties of Basic dyes.

6.What are Phthalogen colours.

7.What are the application problems in the case of natural dyeing.

8.Give some examples for Natural dyes used for Cellulosic materials.

9.Give the differences between German ban and Indian ban.

10.What are the quality requirement of water for Textile Processing.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11.i)Explain the method of production of mineral Khaki.                                     (10)


ii)Give the application method of Pigment colours to Cellulosic materials. (6)


12.a)i)  What are the differences between Sulphur dye and Vat dye?                       (4)


ii)  Explain the principle steps involved in the dyeing of Cellulosic using Sulphur dyes.                                                                                                                       (12)



12.b)i)  Give classification of Sulphur dyes.                                                               (6)       ii)  Explain some of the important properties and chemistry of Sulphur dyes.    (10)


13.a)i)  What are Napthols? Explain various methods of Naphtholation.                  (5)

ii)  What is diazotisation? Explain the problems on it.                                         (6)

iii)  How can you improve rubbing fastness of azoic dyed materials?                  (5)


13.b)i)  What are Fast Salts? Explain their usage.                                                       (6)

ii)  Explain in detail about aniline black chemistry and its production method.  (10)


14.a)i)  What are the difference between application of basic dyes and direct dyes to cellulosics.                                                                                                   (6)

ii)  Explain the application of any one natural dye to cellulosic material.            (10)



14.b)i)  Explain the usage of various auxiliaries in dyeing process.                            (8)

ii)  Write short notes on (a) Classification (b) Advantages of natural dyes.        (8)


15.a)i)  What are MAK I and MAK II amines?                                                         (5)

ii)  What do you know about CI number?                                                           (6)

iii)  What are formaldehyde free fixing agents?                                                   (5)




15.b)i)  Explain the concern about heavy metal usage in textile processing.              (4)

ii)  What are the various measures to reduce water & energy consumption in textile wet processing.                                                                                        (12)










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