Anna University Chemistry and Technology of Intermediate & Dyes II Test Paper

Anna University Chemistry and Technology of Intermediate & Dyes II Test Paper



Time : 3 hours                                                                                           Max : 100 marks

PART-A    Answer the following questions:- 10 x 2 = 20

1. Define the process of chlorination with equation.

2.What are the dye intermediates obtained by desulphonation process.

3.Give the reaction of oxidation of naphthalene compound.

4.Write short note on alkali fusion.

5.Write the equation for alizarin preparation.

6.Write the structure of methylene blue dye?

7.Write the structure of Indigo?

8.What is vatting in vat dyes?

9.What are the classifications of cyanine dyes?

10.Write the structure of direct turquoise blue dye.


PART-B    Answer Five of the following questions:- (5 x 16 = 80)


11.A.   Discuss in stepwise manner about the benzidine rearrangement.                                (8)

     B.   Write a short notes on intermediates having amino group.                                         (8)


12.Ai)  Explain the alkylations of amines and arylation of amines.                                         (8)

ii)  Write a short notes on oxidation of anthracene compound.                                        (8)


12.Bi) How hydroxy groups are introduced in aromatic system? Explain with reaction.   (10)

ii)  Discuss the hydrolysis of chloro compounds.                                                                       (6)


13.Ai) Name the compound produced from the oxidation of naphthalene. Write the steps.            (8)

ii)  Explain the formulation reactions using different reagents.                                        (8)


13.Bi) Explain how will you prepare anthroquinone mordant dyes.                                      (8)

ii)  Explain the synthesis of methylene blue dye.                                                             (8)


14.Ai) What is the similarity and difference between vat and solublised vat dyes?             (4)       ii)  Give two examples for solvent soluble dyes.                                                             (4)

iii)  Explain the chemistry involved in the production of aniline black.                           (8)


14.B i) Explain how will you produce oxidation colours.                                                      (8)

ii) Explain the mechanism involved in cyanuric chloride reactive dyes and vinyl sulphone reactive dyes.                                                                                           (8)

15.Ai) Discuss the chemistry of anthraquinonoid disperse dyes.                                          (8)

ii) Write short notes on mero cyanine dyes.                                                                    (8)


15.Bi) Discuss the classification of disperse dyes based on its chemical structure & application.                                                                                                               (10)

ii) Explain the application of Sulphur dyes and disperse dyes on textiles.                     (6)



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