Anna University B Tech,Fifth Semester- Process Control in Spinning


        5th, Process Control in Spinning

                                                                                                              Textile Technology

Time:3 Hours

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the Questions

Part A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks)


1.What are the various systems of Autolevelling?

2.What is Index of Blend irregularity (IBI)?

3.What is the norm for nep removal efficiency of a modern card?

4.What methods are used to measure the nep in carded silver?

5.What is the norm for lint content in Blow-room waste of a medium count mixing?

6.How to calculate the cleaning efficiency of a card?

7.What are the factors to be controlled to achieve maximum production in a Ring frame?

8.What is meant by productivity index of a spinning mill?

9.How random occurring yarn faults are classified if Uster instruments?

10.List out the RH % and Temperature to be maintained while processing polyester / cotton & polyester / viscose fibres in spinning.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11.Discuss the leveling system adopted in Draw frame process to achieve better count CV% of yarn and also explain the effect of Break draft in Draw frame silver.



i)Discuss the causes for Nep and Hook formation in the opening and cleaning processes.

ii)List out the influence of machine and process parameters on waste removal and lint content in waste.



12.B Discuss the removal of neps in carding and combing process & state the method to calculate the cleaning efficiency of a card.

13.A    Elucidate the measures that are to be taken to control static generation in the blend spinning and also the influence of static in card cylinder loading.


13.B    Explain the role of spin finish in controlling the static generation in blends spinning. State the different types of spin finishes that are available for grey and dyed fibres.

14.A    With an example explain the method of calculating HOK of a spinning mill and also explain the method to convert production to 40s Ne count.


14.B    Explain how spectrogram could be utilized to locate mechanical fault in the machine and discuss the importance of variance length curve.

15.A    Discuss the methods of measuring mass variations per unit length and random occurring faults in yarn.

15.B    Discuss about the importance of setting and speeds, while processing polyester viscose and polyester cotton blends.



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