Anna University B Tech,Fifth Semester Chemical Processing of Textile Materials

Anna University B.Tech.

Fifth Semester

Chemical Processing of Textile Materials

Textile Technology


Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the Questions

Part A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks)


1.Give the Chemical properties of cotton.

2.State the advantages of gas singeing machine.

3.What are oxidizing type desizing agents?

4.State the theory of mercerization.

5.What are the physical and chemical changes taking place during heat setting of synthetic fibres?

6.Why Hydrogen Peroxide is called as Universal Bleaching Agent?

7. How do you asses the whileness of bleached material?

8. What are the features of modern Kiers?

9. What are soft flow machines?

10.Distinguish batch wise and continuous process of bleaching.


Part B (5 x 16 = 80)


11.Discuss in detail the chemical structure and properties of cotton, wool and polyester fibres.



i)Describe various methods of desizing of cotton fabrics.

ii)State the various bleaching agents that can be used for bleaching of cotton and their merits and demerits.



i)Give the concept of heat setting of synthetic fibres.

ii)Briefly discuss the influence of heat setting on dye uptake, physical and chemical properties of synthetic fibres.



i)Enumerate the working principle of gas singing machine with neat sketch.


13.B Sketch a modern Kier and explain in detail about the various operations that can be carried out with it.


14.A    Describe the working principle of soft flow Dyeing machine.


14.B    What are chain and chainless merceriser? Explain in detail about their working principle.


15.A    Describe the J – box method of continuous bleaching of cotton and its advantages over other methods.



i)     Explain the role of stenter in preparatory process.

ii)     Give the concept of identifying the textile fibres by chemical method.




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