Anna University B Tech Fifth Semester -Technology Of Printing -I


                                                               Anna University B Tech Fifth  Semester -Technology Of Printing -I


Time : 3 hours

Max;100 marks

PART-A Answer the following questions :- 10 x 2 = 20

1.What do you mean by Crepon style of printing.

2.State IKAT printing technique.

3.What is capsule printing?

4.Name a few important natural printing thickeners.

5.State a few problems associated with Kerosene emulsion substitutes.

6.Name a few important Synthetic Printing thickeners.

7.Brief the technique of Pigment printing.

8.Name a few synthetic binders.

9.What are metal complex dyes?

10.Brief the technique of Resist Printing.



PART-B   Answer Five of the following questions:- (5 x 16 = 80)

11. A   Explain the design details of printing.                                                                      (10)

ii) How thickeners are classified and what are the requirements to be a good thickener?




i)  What are synthetic thickeners? Give a note on Ecological aspects of  thickeners. What are the developments in thickeners?                                             (12)

ii)What are all the pretreatments required before printing?                                           (4




i) Explain how silk can be printed with Acid dyes in direct style of printing.              (8)

ii) Give a note on selection criteria for binders.                                                              (4)

iii)     What do you mean by “Direct Style Printing”?                                                          (4)



i) Explain the carbonizing process with pre and post treatments to carbonizing.        (10)

Discuss the merits and demerits of loop agar method.

ii) What are Fluorescent pigments?                                                                                  (2)

iii)Discuss the silicate padding method of direct style printing with reactive dyes.       (4)



i) Discuss the various problems associated with Discharge style printing.                   (8)

ii) Give note on Discharging agents.                                                                               (4)

iii) What do you mean by colour and white discharge?                                                   (4)


i) Explain how white resist printing can be done on Reactive ground.                          (8)

ii) Discuss in detail First print and over print methods.                                                   (8)




i) Explain in detail the preparation of Hosiery cloth for printing.                                 (8)

ii) Discuss the limitations and problems associated in printing tubular fabrics.             (6)

iii) What is Flock pruning?                                                                                               (2)



i) Explain how Gold and Silver prints can be done on Hosiery by direct style method.

ii)Give an account on printing with temperature sensitive dyes on Hosiery.                (6)

iii) What do you mean by Rubber print?                                                                          (4)




i) Explain in detail about Batik printing technique and how it is carried out.             (10)

ii) Discuss about Kalamkari printing.                                                                             (6)



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