Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING, Semester V,

Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE  ENGINEERING, Semester V,



Answer ALL  Questions


PART – A  (10 x 2  =  20   Marks)


1. What do you mean  by internal resistance of a battery?

2. Define battery capacity.

3. Draw the sketch of a lap wound armature circuit.

4.Name the different types of drives in a starting system.

5. What is the necessity of a cut out relay?

6. Name the components of an alternator used in automobiles.

7. Enumerate the required properties of electrode material.

8. What is electrode gap?

9. Name two types of ignition coil.

10.Define illumination intensity.


PART – B                            5 x 16 = 80  Marks

 11. Discuss the various tests conducted on automotive battery condition.              

12.a)i)  Draw the characteristic curve of a starter motor and explain.                             

       ii)  Describe the working of solenoid actuator starter drive with neat sketch.                       (OR)

12.b)i)  Explain the criteria required for the selection of a starting motor.                     

      ii)   Describe the basic starting circuit of a preengaged starter motor and explain its working.                                                                                                        

13.a)    Explain with sketch the control box arrangement for current and voltage regulation. 


13.b)i)  Explain the precautions to be taken with an alternator employed in generating system. 

 ii)  Explain with neat sketch a three brush generator and its characteristics.            


14.a)i)  What are the advantages of programmed ignition system?                               

        ii)  Explain, with neat diagram, the magneto ignition system.                                

       iii)  Compare the merits and demerits of transistorised ignition system with coil ignition system.                                                                                                  


14.b) Write short notes on

         (i) Centrifugal spark advance mechanism                                        

        (ii) Vacuum spark advance mechanism                     

15.a) Write short notes on

         (i) Wiper System                                                                 

        (ii) Speedo meter                                            

       (iii) Temperature Gauges                                                           


15.b)i)  Name the parts of the Head lamp and explain their functions.                        


       ii)  Give the construction and working of a direction indicating flash lamp.




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