Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING, Semester V

Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE  ENGINEERING, Semester V



Answer  ALL  Questions

PART – A  (10 x 2  = 20 Marks)


1. Define Line Standard and End Standard.

2. Enumerate any four angular measuring instruments and their accuracies.

3. What is the helix angle of M50 x 2 thread?

4. What is the tooth thickness of gear of module 5 mm and number of teeth 30?

5. List out the various structures of the diaphragm elements for pressure measurements.

6. What are the two main classes of flow measurement instruments?

7. What is the principle of resistance type temperature sensors?

8. Define the law of Intermediate Materials with respect to Thermocouples.

9. What is Proving Ring?

10. What are direct and indirect methods of force measurement?

PART – B  (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.i)     Explain the working of eddy-current dynamometer. 

     ii)     Describe any type of torque measuring system.

 12.a)i)  Explain any pneumatic comparator, list out its merits and applications.

       ii)  Explain the working principle of autocollimator and how the straightness is measured? 


 12.b)i)  The accuracy of precision level is 0.02mm/m and the graduations are 1 mm.  apart. What is radius of vial?

       ii)  Explain the principle of stylus type electronic surface roughness measuring instrument.

       iii)  Explain Ra, Rt, Rz parameters with respect to surface roughness. 


 13.a)i)  Derive an expression for Chordal tooth thickness in constant Chord method. 

        ii)  Explain the principle of inspecting involute profile of gear tooth. 


13.b)i)  Derive an expression of Best Wire Size in thread measurement.      

        ii)  What is the Best Wire Size for 60º M50x3 thread?                                         

       iii)  Define effective diameter of thread and how it is measured by 3-Wire method.

14.a)i)  Explain any strain gauge type of pressure measuring instrument.     

  ii)  Describe the working of Mcleod Gauge.


14.b)i)  Explain the pirani gauge for pressure measurement.

ii)   List out the various types of flow meters and explain in detail the working of ultrasonic flow meter.                                                                                     


15.a)i)  What are the principles of thermocouples and thermistors in temperature measurement?                                                                                               

       ii)  Describe any one of liquid-in-glass type thermometer.  


15.b)i)  What is the principle of temperature measurement by radiation method?           

       ii)  Describe an optical pyrometer.

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