Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING, Semester V

Anna University, B.E. AUTOMOBILE  ENGINEERING, Semester V


PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1. What are the requirements of a transmission system?

2. Explain the reasons for using cone as engaging surface in cone clutch.

3. Describe the procedure for arriving of suitable gear ratios for Tractors.

4. Differentiate Torque Converter and Fluid Coupling.

5. How the torque ratio of a torque converter varies with speed ratio?

6. Compare the performance characteristics of different hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors combinations.

7. List out the merits and demerits of Hydrostatic drive.

8. What are the advantages and limitations of electric drive?

9. Explain Automatic and Semi-Automatic transmission.

10. Write a brief note on Automatic Overdrive.


PART – B  (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11. Sketch the Wilson planetary gearbox.  Explain clearly how the third gear ratio is obtained for this gearbox.

12.a)   Explain the construction and operation of diaphragm spring clutch with a neat sketch.


12.b)i)  Sketch and explain the variation of Tractive effort with vehicle speed.

       ii)  Explain the necessity of gearbox for a vehicle using performance curves analysis.


13.a)    Differentiate Multistage and Poly phase torque converter. Sketch and explain the performance characteristics for the above two types of torque converters.


13.b)    Sketch and explain WHITE’s hydro torque drive.

14.a)    Explain the Janny hydrostatic transmission with a sketch.


14.b)    With a circuit diagram explain the operation of Electric drive for city buses.

15.a)    With a basic hydraulic circuit diagram, explain the functions of various valves while engaging second gear.


15.b)    Describe Chevrolet ‘Turboglide’ automatic transmission system.


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