You Deserve, We Conserve: A Biotechnological Approach To Wildlife Conservation

By M W Pandit, S Shivaji & Lalji more
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Publisher IK International
ISBN 9788189866242
Author: M W Pandit, S Shivaji & Lalji
Number of Pages 149
Available in all digital devices
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You Deserve, We Conserve: A Biotechnological Approach To Wildlife Conservation by M W Pandit, S Shivaji & Lalji 
Book Summary:

There is a tremendous wealth of mega-biodiversity in the world. But the very existence of this wealth is under threat due to habitat destruction, pushing animals towards inbreeding depression and thereby paving way for their extinction. This has made essential human intervention and assisted reproductive technologies. Thus, the issues of conservation of wildlife and biodiversity have become the need of the hour, especially in terms of policy making at the government level. We Conserve: A Biotechnological Approach to Wildlife Conservation contains 16 articles by scientists engaged in research on the conservation of wildlife, role of reproductive technologies and modern approaches being followed in wildlife conservation. It also deals with various techniques used in field conditions such as chemical capture, molecular genetics, ultrasonography, cryopreservation, wildlife forensics, etc.

Audience of the Book :
The present book will be of special interest to professionals engaged in forest and environment related activities, particularly wildlife conservationists, students pursuing their career in veterinary discipline of wild animals and policy makers. It will also be useful for nature enthusiasts, who have an interest in wildlife.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. A compilation of 16 articles, it focuses on the technological efforts useful in tackling the problem of conservation.

2. Deals with the project ‘LaCONES’, the first of its kind in the world, set up in Hyderabad, for the cause of conservation.

3.Includes three appendices, providing excerpts from the Inaugural Address given by Thiru. T. R. Baalu, wild links, and a detailed glossary.

Table of Contents:

1.A Perspective on Conservation of Wildlife in India

2.Conservation of Mega Cats : Problems and Approach

3.Modern Approaches to the Wildlife Conservation

4.Role of Reproductive Biotechnologies in the Conservation of Wild Animals

5.Faecal Steroid Hormone Monitoring : A Non-invasive Approach and a Guide for Standardizing Assisted Reproductive Technologies

6.Immunological Considerations in Conservation of Wild Animals

7.Molecular Genetic Studies on Highly Endangered Species

8.From Dolly, the Sheep, to Cloning of an Endangered Animal

9.Ultrasonography: A Tool in Assisted Reproduction of Endangered Animals

10.Chemical Capture of Wild Animals

11.Wildlife Forensics: The Science for Justice

12.Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, Counting Our Tigers Right!

13.History and Genesis of LaCONES

14.LaCONES: The Inside Story

15.LaCONES: A Wild House with not-so-wild Objectives

16.Laboratory on Wheels

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