Veterinary Pathology

Veterinary Pathology
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Veterinary Pathology

Publisher: CBS Publications
ISBN: 9788123907383

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PREFACE FOR THE SEVENTH EDITION In an effort to update the informations on poultry diseases according to VCI syllabus and needs o f poultry industry. Dr. P. Rama Rao, Dr. Gopal Yadgirkar and Dr. S. Rafeeque Ahmed former staff members o f the Department of Pathology in the faculty of Veterinary Science, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University have revised the book. The information is compiled from the following books beside incorporating the experiences and observations o f above authors. 1. Diseases of Poultry, edt. B.W. Calnek and associates, Affiliated East West Press, Iowa State University Press, 9th edition, 1994. 2. Poultry Diseases, FTW Jordan, English Language Book Society, Bailliere Tindall, 3rd edition, 1990. DR. P. RAMA RAO
PREFACE C ontinued demand for my book by the student body h a d necessitated the production o f this Sixth e iiti o n . It is no little satisfaction to the a u th o r to find th a t hit book is felt needed an d is found useful by most o f th e V e te rin a ry students o f the country. In this edition some parts are revised and m any facts a n d conditions have been added to b ring the contents of the book u p to d a te. As such the n u m b e r o f pages had to b i increase 1. T o m ik the inform ation mon a u th e n tic . I have m a d e a d e p a rtu re in this edition, by requesting Professors of o th e r colleges as well as some of ou r own college, to subscribe c hapters or conditions in w hich they have specialised. By this moans the students get benefitted by the experience an d expertise o f these Professors. I am grateful for the following persons for c o n trib u tin g on the subjects noted against th e ir nam es to this p a r t Dr. D. Anjaneya Prasad D r. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.
Bovine Kctosis a n d revision o f c h a p te r on D isturbances in M in eral M etabolism . P. Babu R ao Io nizing radiatio n. B. S a m b a m u rth y Viruses a n d Tumorigenesis. K S a th y a n a ra y a n a R a o Electron M icroscopic stru c tu re a n d function o f norm al cell. A. S re e ra m a M u rth y H e r e d ita ry defccts a n d disease resistance. D. Sunderasiva R a o Revision o f c h a p te r on Neoplasms. J .L . V eg a d C h a p te rs on Inflam m atio n a n d Healing.
A cknowledgement of c o n trib u tio n o f others will be m a d e in the subsequent parts.