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Void ratio water content can not be very high Consistency liquid, plastic shrinkage limits are absent
Properties are influenced by surface area Attraction and bonding between particles enable strength Mostly plate-like Void ratio water content can be very high Possess consistency liquid, plastic shrinkage limits
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
S. K. Prasad
1.6 Soil formation, a geologic Cycle Soil is formed from rock due to erosion and weathering action. Igneous rock is the basic rock formed from the crystallization of molten magma. This rock is formed either inside the earth or on the surface. These rocks undergo metamorphism under high temperature and pressure to form Metamorphic rocks. Both Igneous and metamorphic rocks are converted in to sedimentary rocks due to transportation to different locations by the agencies such as wind, water etc. Finally, near the surface millions of years of erosion and weathering converts rocks in to soil.
Fig. 3 Geological Cycle of Soil 1.7 Soil Mass, a three phase system Soil mass comprises of solid particles and void space. The void space is filled with water and or air. Hence, soil mass comprises of some volume of solid soil particles , some volume of liquid mostly soil water and some volume of gas air . Hence, the total volume of soil mass can be treated as a three phase system.
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
A typical soil mass
S. K. Prasad
Idealisation as three phase system
Soil mass idealized as three phase system
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
S. K. Prasad
W Weight V Volume s Soil grains w Water

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