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Thermal Engineering (Si Units) By Er. R.K. Rajput

By Er. R.K. Rajput more
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Chapter 1 Kinetic Theory Of Gases And Basic Concepts Of Thermodynamics ₹25.50
Chapter 2 Properties Of Pure Substances ₹25.50
Chapter 3 First Law Of Thermodynamics ₹25.50
Chapter 4 Second Law Of Thermodynamics And Entropy ₹25.50
Chapter 5 Availability And Irreversibility ₹25.50
Chapter 6 Thermodynamic Relations ₹25.50
Chapter 7 Ideal And Real Gases ₹25.50
Chapter 8 Gases And Vapour Mixtures ₹25.50
Chapter 9 Psychrometrics ₹25.50
Chapter 10 Fuels And Combustion (Including Chemical Thermodynamics) ₹25.50
Chapter 11 Steam Generators ₹25.50
Chapter 12 Boiler Mountings And Accessories ₹25.50
Chapter 13 Draught ₹25.50
Chapter 14 Performance Of Steam Generators ₹25.50
Chapter 15 Basic Steam Power Cycles ₹25.50
Chapter 16 Reciprocating Steam Engine ₹25.50
Chapter 17 Compound Steam Engines ₹25.50
Chapter 18 Steam Nozzles ₹25.50
Chapter 19 Steam Turbines ₹25.50
Chapter 20 Steam Condensers ₹25.50
Chapter 21 Gas Power Cycles ₹25.50
Chapter 22 Variable Specific Heats ₹25.50
Chapter 23 Internal Combustion Engines ₹25.50
Chapter 24 Air Compressors ₹25.50
Chapter 25 Gas Turbines And Jet Propulsion ₹25.50
Chapter 26 Refrigeration ₹25.50
Chapter 27 Air-Conditioning ₹25.50
Chapter 28 Heat Transfer ₹25.50
Chapter 29 Non-Conventional Power Generation ₹25.50
Chapter 30 Competitive Examinations Questions—Objective Type ₹25.50
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Product Specifications

Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9788131808047
Author: Er. R.K. Rajput
Number of Pages 997
Available in all digital devices
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  • About the book

Thermal Engineering (Si Units) By Er. R.K. Rajput

Book Summary:

the Ninth Edition (Two Colours) of this standard treatise on large size paper to enable the reader to handle the book comfortably. The warm reception which the previous editions and reprints of this book have enjoyed all over India and abroad, has been a matter of great satisfaction to me. The entire book has been thoroughly revised ; besides adding a large number of “Additional/Typical Worked Examples” in various chapters.

Audience of the Book :
It is hoped that the book in this comprehensive and complete form will prove to be of immense use for the students preparing various ‘Universities’ and Competitive Examinations (e.g., UPSC, GATE etc.).
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

Each chapter contains adequate text supported by simple and self explanatory figures, large number of Worked Examples both in SI and MKS units, Highlights, Theoretical Questions and several Unsolved Examples.

Table of Contents:


1. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

2. Properties of Pure Susbstances

3. First Law of Thermodynamics

4. Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy

5. Availability and Irreversibilty

6. Thermodynamic Relations

7. Ideal and Real Gases

8. Gases and Vapour Mixtures

9. Psychrometrics

10. Fuels and Combustion (Including Chemical Thermodynamics)

11. Steam Generators

12. Boiler Mountings and Accessories

13. Draught

14. Performance of Steam Generators

15. Basic Steam Power Cycles

16. Reciprocating Steam Engine

17. Compound Steam Engines

18. Steam Nozzles

19. Steam Turbines

20. Steam Condensers

21. Gas Power Cycles

22. Variable Specific Heats

23. Internal Combustion Engines

24. Air Compressors

25. Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion

26. Refrigeration

27. Air-Conditioning

28. Heat Transfer

29. Non-Conventional Power Generation




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