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Textbook of Biochemistry by Seema P Upadhye
Book Summary:

Biochemistry is the study of the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems. Biochemistry became a separate field when scientists combined biology with organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry and began to study such topics as how living things obtain energy from food, the chemical basis of genetics. Biochemistry includes the sciences of molecular biology; immunochemistry; neurochemistry; and bioinorganic, bioorganic, and biophysical chemistry.
The major goal of this book is to provide life science students, the basics of biochemistry in very simple and interesting manner.

Audience of the Book :

This book versatile for biochemistry course in any college or university.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.At the end of each chapter, there is a summary to understand the subject in short, followed by questions and references.

2.At the end of each chapter, there is a glossary to find out word meanings.

3.Matter is covered in an easy way and is explained with the help of diagrams.

Table of Contents:

1. Cell Structure

2. Cell Environment

3. Bioenergetics

4. Carbohydrates

5. Lipids and Membranes

6. Amino acids

7. Proteins–I Properties, Amino acid sequence and Purification

8. Proteins-II Three dimensional structure of proteins

9. Enzymes-I Classification and kinetics

10. Enzymes –II Mechanism, structure and regulation

11. Nucleic acids

12. Metabolism

13. Carbohydrate Metabolism-I

14. Carbohydrates Metabolism–II TCA, Oxidative Phosphorylation

15. Photosynthesis

16. Lipid Metabolism-I Fatty acids, Triacylglycerol

17. Lipid Metabolism-II membrane Lipids, Cholesterol

18. Amino Acid Metabolism

19. Purine and Pyrimidine Nucleotide Metabolism

20. Hormones-I animal

21. Hormones-II Plant growth substances

22. Vitamins and Coenzymes 

23. The Replication of DNA

24. DNA manipulation and its application

25. Transcription

26. Protein synthesis

27. Control of Gene expression