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भारताचा समग्र भूगोल

Social Science -  भारताचा समग्र भूगोल

By A. B. Savadi Sir, P. S. Kolekar
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आधुनिक भारत में सामाजिक परिवर्तन

Social Science -  आधुनिक भारत में सामाजिक परिवर्तन

By सिंह जे. पी.
Price: ₹371.25
MRP ₹550.00
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Research Methodology

Social Science -  Research Methodology

By R Meenakshi, M Girija, R Cauvery And U K Sudha Nayak
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Reinventing The United Nations

Social Science -  Reinventing The United Nations

By Banerjee Ajit M And Sharma Murari R
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समाजशास्त्रा : आवधान्याए एवं सिद्धांत

Social Science -  समाजशास्त्रा : आवधान्याए एवं सिद्धांत

By सिंह जे. पी.
Price: ₹354.38
MRP ₹525.00
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Portraying Cultures In Indian Subcontinent

Social Science -  Portraying Cultures In Indian Subcontinent

By Vijaya Laxmi Singh
Rental: 180 Days
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राजनीतिक भूगोल : समसामयिक परिदृष्टि

Social Science -  राजनीतिक भूगोल : समसामयिक परिदृष्टि

By दीक्षित रमेश दत्त
Price: ₹131.63
MRP ₹195.00
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Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And Indian Law

Social Science -  Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And Indian Law

By Sharma Brij Kishore
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मानव अधिकारों की सार्वभौम घोषणा और भारत की विधि

Social Science -  मानव अधिकारों की सार्वभौम घोषणा और भारत की विधि

By शर्मा ब्रजकिशोर
Price: ₹33.75
MRP ₹50.00
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Social Science books

By definition, social science refers to “a systematic study of society and human relationships within society”. It is considered to be one of the oldest fields of study that has vastly impacted our understanding of human societies over the centuries. In the present context of school education, social science books primarily comprise History, Geography, and Political Science, with Economics being added to the mix at a later stage. When pursuing social science in higher studies subjects like Sociology, Public Administration, Psychology, Religious Education and Law also come into play.
Having a strong grip on this subject has multi-faceted benefits. For one, it helps develop a a holistic understanding of the environment, giving young minds perspective on the evolution of mankind and the course of history that has brought us where we stand today. It also helps in inculcating a broader perspective, reasonable thinking and humane outlook toward different intricate societal issues in the long run, besides, helping students develop a keen understanding of the laws of the land and the dynamics of the framework within which different societies operate. All of this contributes toward helping them grow into responsible, well-informed citizens with the ability to think critically, and the necessary skills to participate in the process of nation-building effectively.
From a student’s perspective, however, developing a strong hold on the subject is imperative for two reasons – it is a compulsory subject up to Class 10 and also plays a crucial role in competitive exams, and secondly, it can prove to be high scoring. Contrary to popular perception, it is very much possible to score high marks in Social Science – and even land a perfect score – if you are well-prepared and understand the subject matter inside out.

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To be able to do that, you need to look beyond the purview of social science textbooks and work with additional social science study materials. With the right kind of study materials, notes and social science books to complement your curriculum, you can truly master the intricate, complex but immensely interesting subject covered under this blanket area of study. At KopyKitab, we have put together an elaborate collection of social science books that can be beneficial to students in school as well as those pursuing higher education in humanities or preparing for competitive exams.
Our collection of social science ebooks includes best-sellers from leading publishers such as:
These books are available in English, Hindi as well as regional languages such as Marathi. So, start putting together your desired social science study materials to improve your performance in this subject.
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