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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN:  978817482525

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Preface to the Sixth Edition It is most gratifying to note that our insistence on highest standards has been fully rewarded as evident by the most cordial and warmest reception extended to the very First Edition of the book by its kind and generous readers, thus resulting in this revised, greatly improved and enlarged Sixth Edition within a short period. In the preparation of this edition, authors have sincerely borne in mind the continuously widening horizon of science and new scientific researches. Much has been rewritten, or expanded in order to keep pace with the magnitude of the advances in the fields of science. Special attempt has been made to make the book useful to students preparing for various competitive examinations. Our main aim is to give an up-to-date account of the relevant topics while trying to avoid unnecessary details. This volume contains all new discoveries and inventions which are relevant and important for all competitive examinations. Chapters have been added on recent advancement of Science in various fields e.g., human genome, DNA finger printing, cloning, environmental pollution, advancement of biochemistry, ecology and ecosystem. National programmes of India have also been dealt with in detail. Current advancing frontiers of Science and technology have been added in a new chapter on Science News. Authors
Preface to the First Edition The horizon of Science is continuously widening. The pace of scientific research has been quite fast. New discoveries and inventions are the order of the day. Certain branches are under greater focus of the scientists. Obviously, there is no sphere of man's activity where scientific enquiry has not revealed certain new facts. Thus the accumulation of knowledge in the domain of Science has been rapid and vast. Today almost in all competitive examinations objective questions are being asked. General Science has a definite place in the syllabus of the majority of these examinations. Under General Science various types of questions, such as objective, very short answer, short answer and long answer type are usually put. But it is quite difficult for the candidates to collect requisite information related to such type of questions. Keeping in view all these, this book 'UPKAR GENERAL SCIENCE' has been written. This volume contains all those facts which are relevant and important for all competitive examinations. The language of the book has been simple and the coverage of the subject matter has been wide. Authors
Contents S.No. 1. Vocabulary of Science 2. Prominent Scientists and their Contributions 3. Major Inventions Discoveries their Inventors Discoverers 4. Units of Measurements 5. Difference in Scientific Terms 6. Scientific Reasons