CBSE Sample Question Papers Business study With Solutions Class 12

CBSE Sample Question Papers Business study With Solutions Class 12 CBSE Sample Question Papers Business study With Solutions Class 12 Sample PDF Download
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d Ease in Introduction of New Product When a new product is introduced under an already existing brand name, its marketing becomes easy. A.18. a
Controlling motivates employees as clear cut standards for behaviour and performance are laid down. Their performance is periodically measured and this motivates them to improve performance.
Controlling helps in achieving organisation s goals as all operations are continuously monitored in the light of objectives to be achieved. Where there are deviations corrective action is taken. 1.5x2 3
A.19. Reasons why consumer protection is important are as follows 2x2 4 a Consumers are Un-organised As compared to traders and manufacturers consumers are less organized. The numbers of consumer organization and work done by them for consumer protection are still far from adequate. b Widespread Exploitation of Consumers Consumers are exploited by unscrupulous and unfair trade practices like black-marketing, hoarding, etc. and need protection against malpractices by sellers. A.20. The function of financial management is financial planning . Financial planning is important to an enterprise because any three 1x3 3 a By forecasting future financial events a firm can prepare itself to face uncertainties in a better manner. b Business shocks can be avoided. c Better co-ordination of various business functions like sales and production becomes possible by proper financial planning. d A link between investing and financing decisions becomes possible. A.21. i Autocratic leadership is also called authoritative leadership. In this style decision making is centralized and in the hands of the leader himself. He does not consult subordinates in decision making process. Such style is suitable where subordinates are significantly less qualified and capable compared to the superiors and nature of work is less complex. ii Democratic or participative leadership is one who works in consultation with his group. Decisions are not unilateral but taken in consultation with the group.
iii Laissez Faire or free reign leader does not lead but leaves the group to itself. This style is suitable in organizations where employees are highly skilled and motivated like in research labs. A.22. The various macro level factors which have an impact on the economic environment prevailing in India are any four a Stage of Economic Development Whether the country is underdeveloped, developing or developed has an impact on the economic environment prevailing in the country. b Economic Policies of the Government Such as monetary, industrial and fiscal policy affect the economic environment in the country. c The Economic Structure India is a mixed economy which recognizes the role of both the private and the public sector. d Economic Planning Such as formulation of 5-year plans, annual budgets has an impact on the economic environment. e Economic Indices Such as national income, per capital income, growth of GDP,