Refresher Course In B.Sc. Physics Vol II

Refresher Course In B.Sc. Physics Vol II Refresher Course In B.Sc. Physics Vol II Sample PDF Download
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Refresher Course In B.Sc. Physics Vol II
Book Summary:

It has been revised and brought up-to-date in accordance with the latest syllabi, to meet the needs of the students and teachers alike. The book is unique in the respect that it has adopted a new style in the form of ‘questions and answers’. For this purpose questions set in the latest B.Sc. examination of various prominent Indian Universities only during the last few years have been selected and arranged chapterwise to cover almost the entire syllabus. No attempt has been made to pick and choose the material to reduce the volume of the book.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. This book has been prepared to enable the students to give a correct and to the point answer to questions set in the examination.

2. The answers have been arranged under various heads and subheads to facilitate the students to remember various steps.

Table of Contents:


a. Kinetic Theory of Gases
b. Behaviour of Real Gases
c. Basic Ideas of Statistical Physics
d. Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics
e. Quantum Statistics and Radiation
f. First Law of Thermodynamics
g. Second Law of Thermodynamics
h. Entropy
i. Maxwell’s Thermodynamical Relations
j. Liquefaction of Gases


a. Refraction at Spherical Surfaces
b. Refraction Through Lenses
c. Matrix Methods in Geometrical Optics
d. Dispersion
e. Aberrations and Eye-Pieces
f. Velocity of Light
g. Wave Theory
h. Interference (Division of Wave Front)
i. Interference by Division of Amplitude
j. Interferometry
k. Coherence and Laser
l. Holography and Fibre-Optics
m. Fresnel Diffraction
n. Fraunhofer Diffraction
o. Resolving Power and Dispersive Power
p. Polarisation
q. Production and Analysis of Polarised Light
r. Rotatory Polarisation


a. The Electron
b. Quantum Theory-Particle Properties of Waves
c. Quantum Theory-Wave Properties of Particle
d. Schrodinger’s Theory of Quantum Mechanics
e. Applications of Quantum Mechanics
f. Schrodinger’s Theory of Hydrogen Atom
g. Atoms with One Electron and Zeeman Effect
h. Atoms with Many Electrons
i. X-rays
j. Molecules and Raman Effect