Company Law Lexicon

Company Law Lexicon
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ISBN: 9788175348288
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Words are greatest tricksters and because of their various connotations and shades they play pranks with the human mind.
Words have no absolute meaning as such. They derive their colour from those which surround them. It is true that meanings generally overlap. Few words have exact synonyms. The overtones are almost always different. The well known principles of construction of words, viz. : Nocsitur cocils `the meaning of a word is to be judged by the company it keeps`. One of the well-recognised cannons of construction of legislative statutes is that the legislature speaks its mind by the use of correct expressions and unless there is any ambiguity in the language the court should adopt literal interpretation if it does not lead to an absurdity. If there is no ambiguity, it would mean tha the language used speaks the mind of the Parliament and there is no need to look somewhere else to discover the true intention and meaning of the words used. Knowledge of the fundamental principles of law is necessary, but it is equally necessary to have a clear mind and quick grasp and an analystic approach.
Law in action has given birth to concept of Justice. Justice has been the `great interest of mankind of earth`.
Company Law Lexicon is an exclusive treatise designed to give words, phrases, connotations, expressions and definitions the real meaning in the light of judicial pronouncements relating to companies.