ICSI Company Secretarial Practice Solved Question Paper Dec 2013

ICSI Company Secretarial Practice Solved Question Paper Dec 2013 ICSI Company Secretarial Practice Solved Question Paper Dec 2013 Sample PDF Download
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The documents can be viewed from anywhere Note Examples of public documents are given below i Documents relating to incorporation of company. ii Annual returns and Balance Sheets. Chapter - 2 Company Formation and Conversion 2013 - June 8 i Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide circular no. 6 2011 dated 8th March, 2011 has simplified the procedure for a foreign company to establish a place of business in India. As per this circular, authorized representative of the foreign company which establish a place of business within India should deliver e-form 44 along with following documents as attachments, to the Registrar of Companies within 30 days of the establishment of the place of business.
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Appendix CS Professional Programme Module - I Paper 1
The following documents must be attach 1. Charter, statutes or memorandum and articles of association or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company is to be attached. 2. Particular of individual directors are to be attached. 3. Approval letter from Reserve Bank of India for the setting up of business in India is to be attached. 4. Power of attorney or board resolution in favour of the authorized representatives is to be attached. 5. Particular of Director s - In case of body corporate, details containing name and complete address of body corporate. 6. Particulars of Secretary - if any. Chapter - 3 Alterations in the Memorandum and Articles of Association 2013 - June 1 C i , iii , iv i Object clause of the memorandum of association a The main object to be pursued by the company on its incorporation is to carry on the business of infrastructure building in India as well as in countries abroad. The business of infrastructure building will include building of roads, bridges, development of airports and seaports and power plants. b The objects incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the above main object are 1 Acquisition, development and exploitation of mining rights of stone quarries and sands of various description through ownership or under leasehold rights in accordance with applicable laws of the country and 2 Manufacture of power equipments of various descriptions, for capital consumption.