ICSI Solved Scanner General and Commercial Law Solved Questions Dec 2013

ICSI Solved Scanner General and Commercial Law Solved Questions Dec 2013 ICSI Solved Scanner General and Commercial Law Solved Questions Dec 2013 Sample PDF Download
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v Explain form and contents of an arbitral award.
4 marks
2013 - Dec 8 b Arun prefers an appeal for setting aside the arbitral award on the ground that he was not given a proper notice of arbitral proceedings and thereby not being able to present his case. He also furnishes sufficient proof and pleads before the court that he received the arbitral award just 15 days back. Decide with reasons i Whether Arun will succeed in his prayer and ii Whether the law of limitation will not be a bar 5 marks
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Ap pen dix C S Ex ecu tive Pro gram me Module - I Pap er 1
Chapter - 4 Law Relating to Transfer of Property 2013 - Dec 2 Discuss the following ii A person taking the benefit of an instrument must also bear the burden of the instrument. iii Fraudulent transfer is voidable as per the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. 4 marks each 2013 - Dec 7 b Anuj orally grants the rights to catch and carry away fish from his lake to Barun for 700. Is the grant valid Give your answer under the relevant provisions of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Also cite an appropriate case law. 5 marks Chapter - 5 Law Relating to Stamps 2013 - Dec 8 a A document, which is apparently an agreement granting a franchise, is produced in the court, but is not stamped. Examine, citing the relevant provisions of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, whether i the document is void ii the document can be admitted on payment of penalty and iii the parties are liable to be prosecuted. 6 marks c Atul, executed in favour of his brother, Bimal, a gift of all his property. By another deed, Bimal made provision for the living expenses of his brother Atul and hypothecated in favour of Atul, a part of the property included in the above mentioned gift deed in order to secure the payment of the living expenses. Decide, whether the gift made by Atul and making a hypothecation in his favour by Bimal are one and the same transaction or more than one transaction. Further, is it a case of settlement under the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 5 marks Chapter - 6 Law Relating to Registration of Documents 2013 - Dec 4 Attempt the following iii What is the effect of non-registration of documents required to be registered iv What is the remedy available to a person, if the document presented by him for registration is refused to be registered by the Registrar 4 marks each