The Airports Authority Of India Act 1994

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Be it enacted by Parliament in the forty-fifth year of the Republic of India as follows CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY 1.Short title commencement and application.- 1 This Act may be called the Airports Authority of India Act 1994. 2 It shall come into force on such date 11-4-1994 vide Notification No.S.O.285 E , dt.30-31995 as the Central Government may be notification in the official Gazette appoint. 3 It applies to a all airports whereat air transport services are operated or are intended to be operated other than airports and airfields belonging to or subject to the control of any red force of the Union b all civil enlaces c all aeronautical communication stations and d all training stations establishments and worships reliant to air transport services. 2.Definitions.- In this Act unless the context otherwise requires, a 'aeronautical communication station" means station n in the aeronautical communication service which includes aeronautical practising service aeronautical fixed service aeronautical mobile service and aeronautical radio communication service b "airport means a landing and taking off area for aircraft's usually with runways and aircraft maintenance and passenger facilities and includes accordance as defined in clause 920 of section 2 of the aircraft Act 1934 22 of 1934 . c "airstrip" means used or intended to be used for the landing and take-off of aircraft's with short take-off and laming character and includes all buildings and structures thereon or appertaining thereto d "air traffic service" includes flight information service.Alerting service air traffic advisory service air traffic control serve areas control service approach control service and airport control service e "air transport service" means any service for any kind of remuneration whatsoever for the transport by air of person mail or any other thing animate or inanimate whether such service relates to an single flight or series of flights f appointed day" means such date as the Central Government may be notification in he official
The Airports Authority Of India Act 1994
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