Air (Prevention And Control Of Pollution) Rules 1982

Air (Prevention And Control Of Pollution) Rules 1982 Air (Prevention And Control Of Pollution) Rules 1982 Sample PDF Download
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CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1. Short title and commencement 1 These rules may be called the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Rules, 1982. 2 They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette. 2. Definitions In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires a "Act" means the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981 b "Chairman" means the Chairman of the Central Board c "form" means a form set out in the Schedules d "meeting" means a meeting of the Central Board or a meeting of committee constituted by the Central Board e "member-secretary" means the member-secretary of the Central Board f "Schedule" means a Schedule appended to these rules g "section" means a section of the Act h "year" means the financial year commencing on the lst day of April i words and expressions not defined in these rules but defined in the Act shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Act. CHAPTER II PROCEDURE FOR TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS OF THE BOARD AND ITS COMMITTEES 3. Notice of meetings 1 Meeting of the Central Board shall be held on such dates as may be fixed by the Chairman. 2 The Chairman shall, upon a written request of not less than five members of the Central Board or upon a direction of the Central Government, call a special meeting of the Central Board. 3 Fifteen clear days' notice of an ordinary meeting and three days' notice of special meeting specifying the time and the place at which such meeting is to be held and an agenda of business to be transacted thereat, shall be given by the member-secretary or Chairman to the members or any other officers of the Board. 4 Notice of the meeting may be given to the members by delivering the same by messenger or sending it by registered post to his last known place of residence or business or in such other manner as the Chairman may, in the circumstances of the case, think fit. 5 No member shall be entitled to bring forward for the consideration of a meeting any matter of which he has not given ten clear days' notice to the member -secretary unless the Chairman, in his discretion, permits him to do so.
Air Prevention And Control Of Pollution Rules 1982
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