• Power Electronics eBook By Dr. P.S. Bimbhra
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Power Electronics eBook By Dr. P.S. Bimbhra

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ISBN 9788174092793
Author: P.S. Bimbhra
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About The Book

Power Electronics is a text book for engineering students who are doing a course on the subject of power electronics. This book provides a descriptive study material on topics related to the subject, which is systematically structured and in the form of modules.
The initial modules of the book are designed for beginners particularly, and then there is a gradual transition to an advanced level. The book apprises the student with the latest in the technology and developments in the field. The topics included in the book have been explained in detail.
The discussions are based on the following topics: Introduction, Diode Circuits and Rectifiers, Power Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors, Thyristors and Thyristor Commutation Techniques, Phase Controlled Rectifiers, AC Voltage Controllers, Inverters, Cycloconverters, Electric Drives, and Power Factor Improvement and Some Applications. 
Topics such as Fourier Analysis, Laplace Transforms, and Objective Type Questions are included in Appendixes A, B, and C.
There is an introductory level for every chapter. The author has attempted to present the subject in a systematic manner so that it is easily understandable by beginners. The problems for practice given in this book have an answer key, which the students may find to be helpful.
For the sake of better clarity of the topics, a number of diagrams illustrating the functions have been added. Unsolved problems have also been included with answers. In addition, each chapter consists of general questions at the end, along with hints for more complicated ones to evaluate the students’ grasp of the subject.
For students, the book Power Electronics serves as a textbook as well as a reference guide. This book is meant for students doing courses in Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechatronics, and Telecommunication.
The book is currently available in 2 parts with fourteen chapters.
  • Power Electronics (Part 1) Comprises of Chapter 1 to Chapter 6
  • Power Electronics (Part 2) Comprises of Chapter 7 to Chapter 14

Power Electronics (Part 1) Comprises of Chapter 1 to Chapter 6

Chapter 1 gives an overview of merits and demerits of power-electronic controllers and briefly discusses the topics covered in
this book. This chapter also touches upon the significance of power electronics.
Chapter 2 describes the characteristics of power diodes, power transistors and MCTs.
Chapter 3 are presented diode characteristics, rectifiers, performance parameters and filters.
Chapter 4 explains the characteristics of thyristors in detail and of Triacs, GTOs etc.
Thyristor commutation techniques are given in Chapter 5.
In Chapter 6, the principles of conversion from ac to dc involving single-phase as well as three-phase converters are presented. 
Power Electronics (Part 2) Comprises of Chapter 7 to Chapter 14
Chapters 7 to 10 pertain to the treatment of dc choppers, inverters, ac voltage controllers and cycloconverters respectively.
While Chapter 11 gives study of several applications of power electronics,
Chapter 12 discusses electric drives.
Power factor improvement and the methods of reactive power compensation are detailed in Chapter 13.
In Chapter 14 are presented some miscellaneous topics like ETOs, IGCTs etc.
A large number of illustrative diagrams and a wide variety of worked examples add to the clarity of the subject matter.
The material given in this book is class-room tested. In the appendices, Fourier Analysis, Laplace Transform,Objective Type Questions, some useful functions and references are given.


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Power Electronics (Part 1)
Power Electronics (Part 1) 395 Pages
Power Electronics (Part 2)
Power Electronics (Part 2) 522 Pages