Photosynthesis : Overviews on Recent Progress and Future Perspectives

Photosynthesis : Overviews on Recent Progress and Future Perspectives Photosynthesis : Overviews on Recent Progress and Future Perspectives Sample PDF Download
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Photosynthesis : Overviews on Recent Progress and Future Perspectives by Shigeru Itoh, Prasanna Mohanty And K N Guruprasad
Book Summary:

This book contains selected overviews on several important aspects of photosynthesis and provides both tutorial content and critical insight into the future of photosynthesis research.
Photosynthesis has been a challenging scientific topic since it deals with the process by which a wide range of organisms from bacteria to higher plants convert solar energy to chemical energy for producing food, fibre and fuel out of small molecules of carbon dioxide and water. Deeper and greater understanding of this process holds a promise for a more sustainable Earth with enjoyable pollution-free environment with new technologies for food and cleaner energy for a peaceful and progressive society. Thus, there have been global efforts to mimic the photosynthetic process to meet the needs of the future world.

Audience of the Book :
This book is useful for researcher/faculty and students as reference/text for courses in plant biology, environmental biology and agriculture.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.The 19 articles contributed by 64 eminent researchers and scientists from across the globe discusses various aspects of photosynthesis

2.Each article provides tutorial content and deep insights for carrying out further research.

3.The articles are appropriately illustrated with diagrams and pictures, and are profusely referenced.

Table of Contents:

1.Dissecting Oxygenic Photosynthesis: The Evolution of the Z- Scheme for Thylakoid Reactions

2.Molecular Architecture of Photosynthetic apparatus

3.State Shifts in Photosynthetic Organisms: Tracking Traits and Techniques

4.Dissipation of Excess absorbed Energy by the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Cyanobacteria

5.The Functional Sites of Electron Transfer Co-factors in Photosystem II Studied by Pulsed EPR

6.Delayed Fluorescence in a Millisecond range A Probe for the Donor Side-induced Photoinhibition in Photosystem II

7.Redox-control of Leaf variegation and Chloroplast Biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

8.Transcriptional Response to low Oxygen conditions in Synechocystis sp strain PCC 6803 includes induction of a Gene Cluster containing psb A and patC2

9.Mutants of Chlorophyllase Oxygenase

10.A Comprehensive Study of the Effects of Nitrite Anion on Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain

11.Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism Optimize Photosynthetic carbon Assimilation through Redox and Rox linked metabolite shuttles

12.Changes in Chloroplasts during Senescence and Abiotic Stresses

13.Inactivation and Turnover of Photosynthetic Machinery Under heat Stress

14.Salinity Tolerance Strategies in mangroves: salt Shock Experiments for Assessing Stress triggered Effects during salt Stress and Post Stress recovery in a true Mangrove Bruguiera gymnorhiza

15.Metal Toxicity in Photosynthesis

16.Efect of Heavy metals on Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation and Thermoluminiscence of Unicellular alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa

17.Photosynthetic regulation of Senescence in Green leaves: Involvement of Sugar signaling

18.UV Radiation and Photosynthesis

19.Fluorescence studies in Photosynthesis