Oswaal CBSE Chapterwise / Topicwise Question Bank For Class 12 Physical Education (March 2018 Exam)

Oswaal CBSE Chapterwise / Topicwise Question Bank For Class 12 Physical Education (March 2018 Exam) Oswaal CBSE Chapterwise / Topicwise Question Bank For Class 12 Physical Education (March 2018 Exam) Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE CBSE always believes in Global Trends of Educational Transformation. The CBSE curriculum gets its lead from National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. The aim of CBSE Curriculum is not just to let learners obtain basic knowledge but to make them life-long learners. CBSE always updates and reviews the syllabus to make it more relevant with educational transformation and in last few years the chapters and topics which CBSE has added are very interesting and increase practical knowledge. Oswaal Question Banks are designed to nurture individuality and thus enhance one's innate potentials which helps in increasing the self-study mode for students. This book strengthens knowledge and attitude related to subject. It is designed in such a way that students can set their own goals and can improve their problem solving and thinking skills. The journey of this book is never ending as this book is reviewed every year and new questions, previous year's examination questions, new HOTS or any change in syllabus is updated time to time. Also regular review and readers feedback increases the efficiency of this book gradually. Moreover every Question Bank strictly follows the latest syllabus and pattern, and contains more than sufficient questions and brief description of chapters, which help students in practicing and completing the syllabus. Questions incorporated in this Question Bank encompass all the Typologies mentioned by CBSE namely Remembering, Understanding, Application, High Order Thinking Skills and Evaluation. Solutions for these have been checked twice and efforts have been made to align them closely to the Marking Scheme. Practically, this book provides students everything they need to learn and excel. At last we would like to thank our authors, editors, reviewers and specially students who regularly send us suggestions which helps in continuous improvement of this book and makes this book stand in the category of One of the Best . Wish you all Happy Learning.
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