Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank With Complete Solutions For Class 8 Mathematics (Term 1 And 2)

Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank With Complete Solutions For Class 8 Mathematics (Term 1 And 2) Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank With Complete Solutions For Class 8 Mathematics (Term 1 And 2) Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Year after year CBSE has been introducing changes in the curriculum of various classes. We, at Oswaal Books, closely follow every change made by the Board and endeavor to equip students with the latest study material to prepare for the Examinations. The latest offering from us are these Question Banks. These will provide comprehensive practice material for every chapter. These are prepared by experienced teachers who have translated their expertise into making important questions from every chapter in order to facilitate wholesome learning of every concept. Highlights of our Question banks Question Bank strictly as per the NCERT Curriculum Variety of Questions from NCERT Textbooks A synopsis of the important points from every chapter Value Based Questions as specified by CBSE Board Answers follow the marking scheme and the prescribed word limit We feel extremely happy to offer our Question Banks and hope that with them, every student will discover a more thorough way of preparing and thereby excelling in their examinations. Though we have taken enough care to ensure our products to be error free, yet we welcome any feedback or suggestions that come our way for improvisation. We wish you good luck for the forthcoming academic year Publisher
EARN WHILE YOU LEARN Give us Feedback and make money for it We at Oswaal Books try our best to make sure that our publications are error free. At the same time we also acknowledge that it is humane to make errors. It is this understanding that makes us strive to improve our publications on an on going basis. So in case if you have any suggestions comments or ideas, we will be excited to hear from you. You can either email us at contact oswaalbooks.com or fill out the form below. For each minor error, we will pay you Rs. 5 and for every major error we will pay you Rs. 10. These errors will be approved by our panel of authors and errors which have already been brought to our notice by some other reader will not be valid. IMPORTANT NOTE This is not a competition. This is an effort to make our books better for many more readers to come.
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