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Managerial Economics

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Publisher CBS Publications
ISBN 9788123919256
Author: Sankaranarayanan
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Preface M anagerial econ om ics is an in fan t subject. This su bject w as e a r lie r k n o w n u n d e r d iffe r e n t n a m e s su c h as b u s in e s s econom ics, econom ics for m anagers and so on. But now the title M anagerial Econom ics is w idely accepted. The first book on this subject w as published only in 1951 by Joel Dean. M anagerial econom ics draw s concepts and tools of analysis la rg ely from m ic ro e c o n o m ic s. It h elp s to d ev elo p c ritic a l thinking skills and p rovid es stu dents w ith a logical w ay of analyzing business decisions. A t p resen t a n u m ber o f books on m an agerial econ om ics w ritten by foreign as w ell as Indian authors are available. But som e of these books are highly m athem atical in nature and as such students find such books difficult to understand. This book avoids the use of any m athem atics and as such w ill be easy to understand for the students. T his book is w ritten according to the syllabus of M ahatm a G andhi U niversity, K ottayam , K erala, but will be useful to all the students w ho are u ndergoing M BA program m e in various u niversities in India. A textbook d raw s ideas from d ifferent authors w ho have contributed to the subject under reference. Being a textbook, this has draw n ideas from d ifferent books w ritten by foreign as w ell as Indian authors. But w herever ideas are taken, they are properly acknow ledged. I am indebted to m any personalities in shaping the book. First of all, I exp ress m y profound gratitu d e to M r Sum esh Babu, N etw ork A dm inistrator, and Mr Rajeev C handrasekhar, T e c h n ic a l A s s is t a n t, S c h o o l o f C o m p u te r S c ie n c e an d M an ag em en t S tu d ies, M ES C o lleg e, M a ram p ally , for their a ssista n ce in p re p a rin g the d ia g ra m s and d ig ita liz in g the m anuscript. My thanks are also due to m y faculty colleagues in th e D e p a r tm e n t o f B u s in e s s A d m in is tr a tio n , n a m e ly M rs E lizab eth G eo rg e, H ead of the D ep artm en t, P rof Dr CA A ntony, Dr M Rajan, Mr V elayudhan N air, Mr Sinosh PK,
Managerial Economics
M r Vinu V G , M r D ipu V argh ese, and M rs Viji A darsh. My special thanks are due to Pad m abhushan Prof Dr MV Pylee, N ation al P ro fesso r and form er V ice-C h a n ce llo r of C och in U niversity, and Prof Dr Jose T. Payappilly, form er Director, School of M anagem ent Studies, C ochin U niversity of Science and T ech n o lo g y and cu rren tly D ean, Sch o o l of C o m m u n i cations and M anagem ent Studies, M uttom , w ho collaborated w ith m e in w riting an earlier version of this book. Last but not th e le a s t , I e x p r e s s m y s in c e r e g r a t it u d e to m y w ife M rs Pram eela San karan arayan an , m y d aug hters M rs Bobby Satheesh and M rs Bindi D eepak, m y sons-in-law M r Satheesh