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Let Love Paint You By Vastavik Amera

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382560235
Author: Vastavik Amera
Available in all digital devices
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respect to accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and shall not be liable for any errors, omission or damages arising out of use of this information. Dispute if any related to this publication is subject to Bhopal Jurisdiction.
Dedicated to This is just for you, my sweet daughter Anshika . I know its a bit illogical to dedicate something to someone who is preparing herself in the lap of god to enlighten my life after few years, but as you know dear, this is the way I am. Kiddo, I know there are some people whose childs are born famous but here you see my cutiepie, I made you famous even before your arrival. And don t worry sweety , I will search a boy for you better than your father , you know why I say so. Love you so much daughtieee ..
Acknowledgements First of all, I want to pay a mega thanks to all my relatives who always believed that I am just a waste for my family. I want to thank my daataa and mummisa, two eldest pillars of my family who always protected us from every bad condition and without their prayers this dream of mine would never be a reality. I don t want to thank my Maa Papa , because a thank can never balance what they did for me , I just want to bow down in front of them to say thanks for believing in me and supporting me in every act of mine. A very special thanks to my kakosa and kakisa, also my one and only bhua for publicizing me in our community. I want to thank my brother Swastik and my cousins Vishal and Aashutosh , who always believed in what I said and supported me in my journey of this novel with their cute suggestions. I want to thank Akanksha singh for her super romantic poetry work, without these poems this novel is incomplete. Thanks friend, for showing faith in me and giving your valuable time for this novel and reviewing it even when I got tired of editing it. I want to thank Bhawana Di and Mahima Di for telling me how girly talks are and reviewing this book for me. I want to thank my best friend Nitish, whose actions showed me the way to depict friendship in this novel. I want to thank Mr. Vikas Asawat for his support and guidance, Mr. Chitresh Thakur for helping me in promoting my book. A very special thanks to Indra Publishing House for showing faith in me and publishing this novel. Once again for my Mumma and Papa, in this selfish world only I know how much you struggled for making me what I
am today. You are the best parents in the world and I am so lucky to be your son. I Love you so much maa papa.