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Lakhmir Singh s Science Class 7
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Modes of Nutrition Autotrophs and Heterotrophs Photosynthesis Conditions Necessary for Photosynthesis How to Test the Presence of Starch in Leaves Leaves of Various Colours Importance of Photosynthesis Other Modes of Nutrition in Plants Parasites and Saprophytes Insectivorous Plants and Symbiotic Plants How Nutrients are Replenished in the Soil Cells
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Animals Take in Food by Different Methods Human Digestive System To Study the Effect of Saliva on Starch Present in Food Teeth Milk Teeth and Permanent Teeth Tooth Decay Tongue and its Functions Diarrhoea Some Animals Eat Grass as Food Ruminants Digestion in Grass Eating Animals Amoeba Feeding and Digestion
32 41
Animal Fibres Wool and Silk Animals That Yield Wool Sheep, Goat, Yak, Camel, Llama and Alpaca Some Indian Breeds of Sheep Production of Wool Occupational Hazard Sorter s Disease Silk From Silkworms Life History of Silk Moth Production of Silk
Different Varieties of Silk Natural Silk and Artificial Silk Discovery of Silk
42 63
Hot and Cold Temperature Measuring Temperature Laboratory Thermometer, Clinical Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, and