Informatics Practices For Class XI

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Informatics Practices For Class XI by Dr Pranab Kumar Das Gupta And Ramprosad Mondal
Book Summary:

Students look forward for a book on Informatics Practices (IP), which is easy to understand, not voluminous and help them understand the subject. This book Informatics Practices for Class XI is concise, crisp and strictly based on the syllabus of CBSE. The book covers computer Hardware, Software, Internet, Java fundamentals, Integrated Development Environment (NETBEANS), Database Management System, MySQL and IT Applications. It will help students to secure good marks in IP in Class XI. We will welcome constructive suggestions to improve the book.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Hardware 

Chapter 2: Introduction to Computer Software 

Chapter 3: Internet and Digital Life Style 

Chapter 4: Java Programming Fundamentals 

Chapter 5: Developing GUI Applications in Java Using NetBeans

Chapter 6: Developing GUI Applications in Java Using NetBeans–II

Chapter 7: Developing GUI Applications In Java Using NetBeans - III

Chapter 8: Introduction To Database Management System

Chapter 9: Managing Databases and Tables Using MySQL

Chapter 10: Query and Functions In MySQL

Chapter 11: Programming Guidelines and Case Studies


Appendix A : Solution of Review Questions and Assignments

Appendix B : Installation Guide to Java, NetBeans and MySQl