ISC Handbook Of Biology For Class - XI

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By Dr. D. K. Jain, Meenu Jain more
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Product Specifications

Publisher Nageen Prakashan All Class 11 Biology books by Nageen Prakashan
ISBN 9789388001588
Author: Dr. D. K. Jain, Meenu Jain
Number of Pages 613
Edition First Edition
Available in all digital devices
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ISC Handbook Of Biology For Class - XI by Dr. D. K. Jain, Meenu Jain
Book Summary:

This slender book has been written on the demand of ISC Biology students for class XI who required a handy publication which could be helpful to them during examinations, when they run out of time. We are proud to say that this publication has been able to fulfil the requirements of students.

Each and every topic included in ISC Biology syllabus for class XI by the council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has been dealt in a concise manner. The Key Notes given at the beginning of each chapter would be very useful for students in revising the whole course in a short period just before the examinations. At the end of each topic very short answer questions, short answer questions, long answer questions, technical terms, etc., have been provided. There is a host of other questions important from the point of view of examinations. Besides, an appendix is given with valuable information.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class XI Students.
Table of Content:

1. Diversity of Living World

2. Systematics and Five Kingdoms of Life

3. Tools for Study of Taxonomy

4. Kingdom Monera

5. Kingdom Protista

6. Kingdom Fungi

7. Plant Kingdom

8. Animal Kingdom

9. Morphology of Root, Stem and Leaf : Their Structure and Modifications

10. Inflorescence, Flower, Fruit and Seed

11. Important Families of Angiosperms

12. Tissues : Anatomy of Different Parts of Flowering Plants : Root, Stem, Leaf

13. Animal Tissues

14. Morphology and Anatomy of Cockroach

15. Cell Theory and Cell as a Unit of Life

16. Cell Membranes

17. Structural Organisation of the Cell

18. Biomolecules

19. Enzymes

20. Cell Cycle and Cell Division

21. Transport in Plants

22. Mineral Nutrition

23. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

24. Respiration in Plants

25. Plant : Growth and Development

26. Digestion and Absorption

27. Breathing and Exchange of Gases

28. Body Fluids and Circulation

29. Excretory Products and their Elimination

30. Locomotion and Movement

31. Neural Control and Co-ordination

32. Chemical Co-ordination and Integration

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