IIT JEE Mains Preparation pack by Disha Publications 2020

JEE Main, has a fixed exam structure and is not subject to change every year. It is of three hours duration and consists of thirty multiple-choice (single-correct) questions in each of the three subjects (physics, chemistry, and maths). There is negative marking for incorrect answers. 4 marks are awarded for correct answers and 1 mark is deducted for incorrect answers. From 2013 to 2016, the marks obtained in the class XII school board examination used to be accorded a 40% weightage in deciding the JEE Main all India ranks. From 2017, CBSE made Aadhar card mandatory for students applying for JEE. Students not having the card were asked to register for it before applying for JEE. From 2019, JEE Main will be conducted two times in a year and it will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA)

Total number of students enrolled: 50,000+
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Pack Overview
Test Series
Previous Year Papers
Physics ebooks and Revision notes
Chemistry ebooks and Revision notes
Mathematics ebooks and Revision notes
What you will Learn
  • Previous year Papers 2002-2018.
  • Unlimited attempts to our 100+ online Test Series based on IIT-JEE Mains Syllabus 2019.
  • Objective Type Question & Answer in Hindi and English.
  • Get coached by experts through 1400+ videos and clear your concepts.
  • Get R D Sharma Solution Mathematics and H C Verma Solution Physics.
  • Topic-wise Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ebooks based on IIT-JEE Mains Syllabus 2019.
  • Chapter-wise Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Revision notes based on IIT-JEE Mains Syllabus 2019.
Physics and Measurement, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Work, energy and power, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Laws of motion, Properties of solids and liquids, Electronic devices, Kinetic theory of gases, Oscillations and waves, Communication systems, Current electricity, Magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Electrostatics, Atoms and nuclei.

Experimental Skills

Familiarity with the basic approach and observations of the experiments and activities: Vernier callipers-its use to measure internal and external diameter and depth of a vessel., Screw gauge-its use to determine thickness/ diameter of thin sheet/wire., Simple Pendulum-dissipation of energy by plotting a graph between square of amplitude and time.,Metre Scale-mass of a given object by principle of moments., Young's modulus of elasticity of the material of a metallic wire., Surface tension of water by capillary rise and effect of detergents., Co-efficient of Viscosity of a given viscous liquid by measuring terminal velocity of a given spherical body., Plotting a cooling curve for the relationship between the temperature of a hot body and time., Speed of sound in air at room temperature using a resonance tube., Specific heat capacity of a given (i) solid and (ii) liquid by method of mixtures., Resistivity of the material of a given wire using metre bridge., Resistance of a given wire using Ohm's law., Potentiometer-a) Comparison of emf of two primary cells. b) Determination of internal resistance of a cell., Resistance and figure of merit of a galvanometer by half deflection method, Focal length of the following using parallax method: a) Convex mirror, b) Concave mirror, and, c) Convex lens Plot of angle of deviation vs angle of incidence for a triangular prism., Refractive index of a glass slab using a traveling microscope., Characteristic curves of a p-n junction diode in forward and reverse bias., Characteristic curves of a Zener diode and finding reverse break down voltage., Characteristic curves of a transistor and finding current gain and voltage gain., Identification of Diode, LED, Transistor, IC, Resistor, Capacitor from mixed collection of such items. Using multimeter to: a) Identify base of a transistor, b) Distinguish between npn and pnp type transistor, c) See the unidirectional flow of current in case of a diode and an LED., d) Check the correctness or otherwise of a given electronic component (diode, transistor or IC).


Physical Chemistry

Some basic concepts in chemistry, States of matter, Atomic structure, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Chemical thermodynamics, Solutions, Equilibrium, Redox reactions and electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Purification and characterization of organic compounds, Hydrocarbons, Chemistry in everyday life, Principles related to practical chemistry, Organic compounds containing halogens, Organic compounds containing oxygen, Organic compounds containing nitrogen, Polymers, Some basic principles of organic chemistry, Biomolecules

Inorganic Chemistry

Hydrogen, Block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals), P Block elements, group 13 to group 18 elements, d- and f - block elements, Co-ordination compounds, Environmental chemistry, General principles and processes of isolation of metals, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

Sets, relations, and functions, Complex numbers and quadratic equations, Matrices and determinants, Mathematical reasoning, Mathematical induction, Permutations and combinations, Sequences and series, Limit, continuity, and differentiability, Integral calculus, Differential equations, Binomial theorem and its simple applications, Three-dimensional geometry, Vector algebra, Co-ordinate geometry, Statistics and probability, Trigonometry

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JEE Main, has a fixed exam structure and is not subject to change every year.

It is of three hours duration and consists of thirty multiple-choice (single-correct) questions in each of the three subjects (physics, chemistry, and maths). There is negative marking for incorrect answers.

Who can use this pack?

There is no age limit to be eligible for JEE Main 2019. However, candidates need to pass 10+2 or the equivalent examination in 2017 or 2018. Candidates appearing for 10+2 or equivalent exam in 2019 are also eligible to apply irrespective of their age. Candidates must have passed class XII or qualifying exam in 2017 or 2018. Candidates appearing in class XII or equivalent qualifying exam in 2019 can also apply for JEE Main.

It is mandatory for candidates to have taken 5 subjects in class XII or equivalent qualifying exam The 5 subjects for B.Tech/ B.E. are: 1-Language, 2-Physics, 3-Mathematics, 4-Any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subject), 5-Any other subjects

The 5 subjects for B.Arch/ B.Planning are: 1-Language, 2-Physics, 3-Mathematics (compulsory), 4-Any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subject), 5-Any other subjects

JEE Main candidates can appear in the exam for three consecutive years. Since the entrance will be conducted twice a year, the candidate can choose to appear in both the attempts. However, the attempt for a particular academic year will be considered as One.

What is included in this Pack?
  • Disha Publication books
  • Previous year Papers
  • 100+ Test Series
  • Objective Type Question & Answer in Hindi and English
  • 65+ Concept Videos
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Concept ebooks
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Revision Notes
  • HC Verma and RD Sharma Solutions
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Selling Price : ₹3,150.00
MRP : ₹5,600.00
You will save : ₹2,450.00 after 44% Discount
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This is a very good application which provides access to JEE concepts as well as Preparation Questions.It is well-adapted for Smartphones, thus providing delightful User-Experience.

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S.J.Askirat Singh

It contained all the important content which I was finding for my IIT preparation.Contains various study materials and books for preparation Love it....

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