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ICSI Corporate Restructurings Law and Practice Question Paper

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Publisher ICSI
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contention of the shareholders that since both the transferor and transferee are the same set of people, there is no transfer and hence no liability to stamp duty. Discuss with reference to case law.
5 marks 3 .
A scheme of arrangement confirmed by the court a provided for the change in the name of the company. After the scheme is confirmed, the company applied to the Registrar of Companies ROC to change the name of the company and issue a fresh certificate of incorporation. ROC refused to effect change of name. Will the stand of the ROC withstand the legal scrutiny
6 marks The majority shareholders of Priya Ltd., after b approving the scheme of amalgamation with Ash Ltd., approached the Board of directors of Priya Ltd. with a request to withdraw the petition filed by the company seeking court s confirmation. Advise the Board of directors on the course of action to be followed.
5 marks
Discuss whether the filing of draft letter of offer with SEBI amounts to approval of its contents.
5 marks 4 .
Anand has made an offer to acquire a stake in a a public limited company. There is no competitive bid to the said offer. However, Anand unilaterally desires to revise the offer price upwards. Advise Anand. Can Anand now reduce the offer price in view of the fact that there is no competitive bid
6 marks 2 2006 CRLP