Simplified Approach To Real Time System By Yogyata Jain

Simplified Approach To Real Time System By Yogyata Jain Simplified Approach To Real Time System By Yogyata Jain Sample PDF Download
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Simplified Approach To Real Time System By Yogyata Jain

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789382828364

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About this eBook

PREFACE The book is in very simple language. I have tried to ensure that the book clear whole concepts related to real time system. Book is according to PTU syllabus and I have specially made it for PTU students. Daily life and practical examples used in book to clear the concepts more clearly. To achieve this I have made six chapters of this book. I felt a need to write a book on the subject that was simple and easy to understand. A book can solve general facing problems and provide a comprehensive view of real time system. This thought provided me to write a book on real time system. Since this book provides comprehensive coverage of basic concepts of real time system avoids complicated mathematical formula and makes minimal assumptions, it will benefit a wide spectrum of audience. This includes students studying RTS for the first time or doing research on RTS engineers engaged in real time protocol design and marketing people. All will find this book extremely readable and very informative. Your comments are valuable to me. I will appreciate if you will notify me of any error or admissions in the book. So, please send your comments and valuable suggestions for improvement I will be glad to incorporate your comments for next edition of the book. Author
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Writing and publishing of this book could not attain successfully without the support of number of people associated with it and sincere efforts made by an author. Firstly, I would like to thanks worthy chairperson Er. Kulwinder Gurcharan Singh, Director General R. Jha and Associate Director J.S. Kanwar for their valuable direction. I would also like to thanks Mrs. Jyoti Snehi Assistant Professor CSE Department in Chitkara University Punjab for her valuable guidance. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Sanjay Singla, HOD CSE Department of IET Bhaddal, Ropar for inspiration and Mrs. Aarti Mahajan, CSE Department Assistant Professor in IET Bhaddal for guiding me. I would also deeply appreciate the assistance provided by my husband Deepak Jain, my mother in law Rukmani Jain and father in law Arihant Jain for their invaluable help and support for completion of this book. Author
SYLLABUS PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY JALANDHAR BOOK IS ACCORDING TO PTU SYLLABUS CS 324 REAL TIME SYSTEMS ELECTIVE I Introduction Definition, Issues in Real Time Computing, Structure of a Real Time System. Task Classes. Characterizing Real Time Systems and Tasks Introduction, Performance measures for real time systems Traditional performance measures, Performability, Cost functions and hard deadlines.