The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost The Canterville Ghost Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131809464

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2. Describe the supernatural elements introduced in the chapter.
The Canterville Ghost
STORM RAGED fiercely all that night, but nothing of particular note occurred. The next morning, however, when they came down to breakfast, they found the terrible stain of blood once again on the floor. I don t think it can be the fault of the Paragon Detergent, said Washington, for I have tried it with everything. It must be the ghost. He accordingly rubbed out the stain a second time, but the second morning it appeared again. The third morning also it was there, though the library had been locked up at night by Mr. Otis himself, and the key carried up-stairs. The whole family were now quite interested Mr. Otis began to suspect that he had been too dogmatic1 in his denial of the existence of ghosts, Mrs. Otis expressed her intention of joining the Psychical Society, and Washington prepared a long letter to Messrs. Myers and Podmore on the subject of the Permanence of Sanguineous2 Stains when connected with Crime. That night all doubts about the objective existence of phantasmata3 were removed for ever. HE
The day had been warm and sunny and, in the cool of the evening, the whole family went out to drive. They did not return home till nine o clock, when they had a light supper. The conversation in no way turned upon ghosts, so there were not even those primary conditions of receptive expectations which so often precede the presentation of psychical phenomena. The subjects discussed, as I have since learned from Mr. Otis, were merely such as form the 1asserting
opinion in an arrogant manner