The Blossoming Mind By V. K. Khanna, Meenakshi F. Paul

The Blossoming Mind By V. K. Khanna, Meenakshi F. Paul The Blossoming Mind By V. K. Khanna, Meenakshi F. Paul Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789351380672

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The revised syllabus for English Compulsory aims at encouraging students to develop their skills in reading and writing English, and hopefully in speaking English as well. The biggest challenge a teacher faces is most students unthinking cramming from the so-called help-books and each teacher evolves his or her own strategies to tackle this problem. To ensure students attention to what is being taught in the class, it may be useful to keep aside a few minutes and different students may be asked questions on the important points covered in the lecture, and then those points could be revised at the beginning of the next lecture. It also helps if the students are asked to attempt a brief question at home, and then the teacher corrects the answers, crossing out irrelevant matter copied out by students blindly from help-books or from one another. The sections on grammar and composition have been written by way of remedial coaching for adult learners who have learnt some English at school. In grammar those points have been covered which the editors have actually found useful in classroom-teaching for students fresh from school. Introductory information about Tenses and types of sentences has been included to help them understand Voice and Reported Speech more clearly. To make the book student-friendly, technical terms have been largely avoided, and cross-references have been kept to the minimum. Explanations and directions have been repeated whenever a particular point is taken up again in another chapter, so that a student reading any part of the book should be able to understand what is being discussed. Of course, individual teachers will design their own strategies for about three lectures per week should be provided for intensive
language teaching with smaller groups of about 30 students each, so that each student attempts at least one sentence in the grammar
or three sentences. Once they realise that they can understand and tackle grammar, they start making an effort and then speedily master the language. Even if it is not possible to have small groups in some colleges, different groups of students could be made to attempt answers on different days, so that each student gets to of different learner s dictionaries for ready reference by students, many of whom may not be in a position to buy a good dictionary immediately. For practice in grammar also, it helps if the college library has about 80 copies of a practice book recommended by the teacher s concerned e.g. W.S. Allen s Living English Structure Longman or A.J. Thomson A.V. Martinet s A Practical English Grammar Exercises With Key, Vol. 1 2 Oxford Univ. Press ,