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CAT MBA Solved Papers & Syllabus
CAT MBA Solved Papers & Syllabus
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Excellent application
amit kumar ★★★★★
More help for cat aspirants
anuj gupta ★★★★
Nice one with free subscription providing as much as possible providing previous question papers along with key sheet, highly recommend for who want to experience cat at first time Good one satisfactory....🙏
Govardhan Yadav ★★★★★
I purchased the mock tests version. But I think it would've been better to be interactive like Byjus or Unacademy where the users can click an answer and submit rather than just the pdfs of question papers.
Kaushal Pranav B ★★★★
Its a good aap which gives you oever all traing relared to apptitude tests in future
Aesha Shah ★★★★★
Very useful.This is full of useful materials.
Banani Adhikari ★★★★
This book is very use for cat preparation
narasimhareddy mandalapu ★★★★★
Amazing ... thanks for these books and available material..
The Mahesh ★★★★★
best app ever . Although there are books which are not free , i can understand , it is not legal to sell writer's book for free copyright issues . But literally good app , must visit once
Tanuj Dahiya ★★★★★
Very useful app..please launch one for iOS too.
Salman Siddiqui ★★★★★