Essentials Of Ecology And Environmental Science

Essentials Of Ecology And Environmental Science Essentials Of Ecology And Environmental Science Sample PDF Download
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Essentials Of Ecology And Environmental Science

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120347861
Number of Pages: 608
Edition: Fifth Edition
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About The Book Essentials Of Ecology And Environmental Science
Book Summary:

This revised fifth edition, is a lucid presentation of the fundamental concepts and principles of ecology and environmental science. Extensively illustrated, the book provides in-depth coverage of major areas such as atmospheric and soil science, hydrobiology, biodiversity, and pollution ecology. It seeks to impart comprehensive understanding of the major ecological issues, policies and laws, crucial for solving environmental problems. New sections on vital topics such as acid rain and deposition, metapopulations, environmental disasters and the Bali Summit on Climate Change 2007 contribute strongly to this endeavour.

The book is primarily intended for undergraduate (B.Sc.) students of environmental science and other relevant biological sciences. It will also be very useful for postgraduate (M.Sc.) students of these subjects as well as field professionals and researchers.


Use of indigenous examples for explaining subject matter

Coverage of extreme environments such as Antarctica, the Arctic region, open oceans, and deserts, along with up-to-date information on major ecosystems

Chapters devoted to biodiversity as well as natural and genetic resources of India

Detailed descriptions of ecocompartments such as atmosphere and lithosphere

Table of Contents:


Preface to the First Edition


1. Definition, Scope and History of Ecology

2. Ecology and Evolution

3. Environmental Adaptations

4. Climate and Atmosphere

5. Earth and Lithosphere

6. Hydrosphere

7. Biosphere

8. Bio-Geochemical and Nutrient Cycles

9. Environmental Factors and Species Interactions

10. Biodiversity

11. Genetic Resources

12. Natural Resources (Minerals, Energy, Water, Forests)

13. Ecology of Populations

14. Concept of Community

15. Ecosystem (Structure and Function)

16. Fragile Ecosystems

17. Air Pollution

18. Water Pollution

19. Noise Pollution

20. Radioactive Pollution

21. Solid Waste Pollution

22. Land Pollution

23. Global Environmental Problems

24. Environmental Disasters

25. Environmental Institutions, International Cooperation and Law