Essentials Of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Essentials Of Abdominal Wall Hernias Essentials Of Abdominal Wall Hernias Sample PDF Download
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Essentials Of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Publisher: IK International
ISBN: 9788189866938
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Essentials Of Abdominal Wall Hernias by V K Nigam And S Nigam
Book Summary:

This is a concise, comprehensive and up-to-date text on Abdominal Wall Hernias. It covers History-taking, Examination and Investigations. It covers all the important aspects of Hernia, i.e., Historical Background, Embryology, Anatomy, Operative Procedures, Possible Complications and other necessary topics. 'Key points' to remind you what is the most important point in the chapter.

Chapters, 'Information Patients need from the Surgeon', and 'Famous International Hernia Centers and Clinics' give information about the latest treatment of Hernia.

Chapters, 'Recent Advances and Modern Trends in Hernia Surgery', 'Arguments, Controversies, and Discussions in Hernia surgery', 'FAQs' and 'MCQs' are of immense value to the student as well as practicing surgeon.

Considerable stress is given to Anatomy, especially in the chapters 'Various ligaments in relation to Groin Hernia', 'Other Important Structures in Groin' and 'Laparoscopic Groin Anatomy'.

Both Open and Laparoscopic procedures for Abdominal Wall Hernias are described with essential steps and diagrams.

Chapters, 'Difficulties in Hernia Surgery', 'Important things to remember' and 'Statistics of Hernia' are important for the beginner and practicing surgeon.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.This title features thought provoking Quotations and extensive References in each chapter.

2.It includes over 700 colour diagrams and photographs.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Historical Background

3. Embryology

4. Anatomy of Anterior Abdominal Wall

5. Aetiology of Hernia

6. Protective Mechanisms against Groin Hernia

7. Classifications of Abdominal Wall Hernias

8. Epidemiology of Abdominal Wall Hernias

9. Inguinal Hernia

10. Femoral Hernia

11. Umbilical and Paraumbilical Hernia

12. Epigastric Hernia

13. Incisional Hernia

14. Divarication of Recti

15. Spigelian Hernia

16. Internal Hernia

17. Recurrent Inguinal Hernia

18. Rare Hernias

19. Operative Surgery

20. Abdominal Wall Hernia “Day Case Surgery”

21. Prosthesis for Hernia Repair

22. Difficulties in Hernia Surgery

23. Important Things to Remember

24. Recent advances and Modern Trends in Hernia Surgery

25. Arguments, Controversies and Discussions in Hernia Surgery

26. Surgical Hernia Audit and Hernia Registers

27. Medicolegal Aspects of Hernia

28. Statistics of Hernia

29. Information Patients Need from Surgeon

30. Famous International Hernia Centres and Clinics

31. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

32. True or false

33. Multiple Choice Questions

34. Epilogue