Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

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Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation by Rajendra Prasad
Book Summary:

The increasing use of electronic devices in almost every walk of life has increased the importance of electronic measurements and instrumentation. This book in general deals with electronic measuring devices. In industries it is required to measure non-electrical quantities such as pressure and temperature of the process for monitoring or/and control purposes. Because of ease in measurement recording storing and transmitting of electrical signals, it is now preferred to use electrical and electronic methods of measurement of non-electrical quantities. The instrumentation schemes for measurement of non-electrical quantities are discussed in detail, in this book.

This fourth edition is thoroughly revised edition of the book Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation. Objective questions are being asked in the examination in general and competitive examinations in particular. Objective Questions are, therefore, given at the end of each chapter in addition to Review Questions and Exercises.

Table of Contents:

♦ Introduction

♦ Characteristics of Instruments

♦ Errors in Measurement and their Analysis

♦ Indicating Instruments

♦ Electronic Measuring Instruments

♦ Generation and Analysis of Waveforms

♦ Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

♦ Electronic Counters

♦ Electronic Instruments

♦ Transducers

♦ Instrumentation for Measurement of Non-electrical Quality

♦ Data Acquisition System

♦ Power Measurement at High Frequencies

♦ Biomedical Measurements

♦ Intelligent Instrumentation

♦ Microprocessor and its uses in Instrumentation

♦ Measurements on Amplifiers and Receivers

♦ Appendix

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