Ecology and Environmental Studies

Ecology and Environmental Studies
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Ecology and Environmental Studies

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Ecology and Environmental Studies by S.K.Garg
Book Summary:

The excessive growth of human population, increasing from about 1 billion in the year 1800 ti about 6.7 billion at the start of the year 2008, has resulted in enormous urbanisation and expansion of agricultural, industrial and commercial activities on our fragile planet-earth. The large scale use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) in industries as well as in automobiles have accelarated and resulted in wide spread pollution of our environment, at local, regional, as well as global levels.

Many of the universities and colleges, including the engineering colleges, have introduced this subject in the first or second year of their undergraduate courses. Many of the universities and collges have accepted and implemented the standard core module U.G.C. syllabus, with the exception of certain others, who have drawn their own syllabuses. Some other universities & colleges are still in the process of introducing the subject in their undergraduate courses.

The Visveshwaraya Technological University (VTU) of Karnataka, controlling several engineering colleges in the State, have prescribed a totally Objective Question Type of paper for the subject, and with their own syllabus. The VTU’s syllabus is given on page (xxiv). This book fully covers the UGC as well as the VTU syllabuses, with 790 Objective Type Questions

Audience of the Book :
(Covering the UGC Syllabus on ‘‘Environmental Studies’’ and Syllabuses of Various Engineering and Science Colleges including VTU and Anna University ; with 790 Objective Type Questions) [For Undergraduate Courses in all branches of Engineering, Science, Medicine, Law, etc., covering the UGC syllabus of six-months compulsory core module course in Environmental Studies for all the Universities/Colleges]

Table of Contents:

*Introduction to the subject of environmental studies

*Study of ecology and ecosystems to understand man and his environment

*Environmental imbalances caused by natural hazardous and disastrous events

*Environmental imbalances caused by human activities and the need for sustainable development

*Natural resources and their sustainable development and utilization

*Development of energy from various sources and their environmental impacts *Biodiversity and its conservation

*Environmental pollution including its regional and global impacts

*Water pollution-Causes, effects and control strategies

*Air pollution, its causes, effects and control measures

*Noise pollution

*Soil pollution

*Disposal and management of solid wastes

*Disposal of hazardous biomedical(Solid and Liquid) wastes

*Nuclear hazard and radioactive pollution

*Marine pollution-a complex and global problem

*The India’s environment (Protection) Act, 1986

*Disaster management

*Environment and human population

*Environmental management and ISO certification for eco-friendly products

*Chapterwise multichoice objective questions (Q1 to Q790 with answers)

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