Easy English Grammar For Class VIII

Easy English Grammar For Class VIII

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Publisher New Saraswati House All Class 8 English books by New Saraswati House
ISBN 9788173359712
Author: Dr. Shalini Verma
Number of Pages 237
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Easy English Grammar For Class VIII by Dr. Shalini Verma
Book Summary:

English is a GLOBAL LANGUAGE. It is the language of ‘connection’ which goes beyond the boundaries of countries and connects people with people, culture with culture, and nation with nation. It is the one single language used in most of the countries of the world. With this kind of universal appeal, it would not be an exaggeration to say that English is to the present globalised world what fire was to the early Stone Age.

In our endeavour to keep pace with time, we as parents and teachers have not left any stone unturned to facilitate our little ones learn the language with ease and expertise. I, as a mother of two and teacher of many, share the same challenging experience as millions of parents and teachers had faced or are facing at one point of time or another in their parenting days or during teaching career. Making children understand the ‘tangling principles’ of grammar and ‘baffling usage’ of words in a natural and inductive manner is no less than a CHALLENGE in itself!

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class VIII Students.
Table of Content:

1. Noun Case

2. Abstract Noun

3. Different Kinds of Pronoun

4. Non-Finite Verbs

5. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

6. Modal Verb or Modal Auxiliary

7. Forming Adjective from Noun

8. Determiners

9. Articles

10. Some Confusing Adverbs

11. Confusing Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

12. Conjunction: Clauses of Concession and Cause Connectors

13. Interjection

14. Phrase and Clause

15. Sentence Transformation

16. Types of Sentences (Structural)

17. Transformation of Different Kinds of Sentences from Direct to
Indirect Speech

18. Transformation of Active Voice into Passive Voice

19. Subject-Verb Agreement

20. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

21. Punctuation and Capital Letters

22. Present Tense

23. Past Tense

24. Future Tense

25. Roots and Stems of Words in English Language

26. Prefixes and Suffixes

27. Adjectives for People and Their Personality

28. One Word Substitution

29. Phrasal Verbs

30. Idioms and Proverbs

31. Synonyms and Antonyms

32. Guided Composition

33. Short Composition

34. Extended Composition

35. Comprehension Passages

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