Dogs : Breeding, Nutrition, Diagnosis And Health Management

Dogs : Breeding, Nutrition, Diagnosis And Health Management Dogs : Breeding, Nutrition, Diagnosis And Health Management Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Friendly association o f dogs with m an is known from time immemorial. With the passage o f time the dog has changed itself in respect o f its habits, behaviour and living pattern. At present it is a popular pet all over the world. In recent years there has been increasing interest particularly in urban areas, in dog keeping. Earlier pet dogs o f exotic breeds w ere rare and considered a luxury and a symbol o f status, but changing life style o f today has made d o g keeping a necessity. T o meet the increasing dem and for pet dogs, more and more breeding kennels are co m ing up. T oday one finds dog breeding studs even in small towns. Most of the d o g ow ners are ignorant about the habits and behaviour of dogs. Increasing importance of dogs has resulted in inclusion of specific courses on various aspects o f dog m anagem ent in the curriculum of veterinary education. W orld over scores o f books and other literatures are available regarding the origin of dog, its developm ental stages, breeding and feeding practices, m anagem ent of different diseases alongwith their control, but most o f them are not suited to the conditions prevailing in Indian sub-continent. This book has been specifically compiled to suit agro-clim atic and socio-econom ic conditions in our country and satisfy the needs o f dog ow ners of diversified classes. This book incorporates important topics like the d o g s past and present, its breeding and reproductive perform ances, nutritional and feeding habits, m anagem ent schemes required and various clinical diagnostic features o f different infectious and non-infectious diseases, their treatment, control measures, com m only used surgical procedures in curing various diseases and various legal provisions in protecting the pet dog. The appendices include information regarding dog shows, insurance formalities, anatomical details of dogs, their health care, prescription writing and different pharmaceutical preparations along with their doses and schedule for the treatm ent o f pet dogs. The authors invite com ments, corrections, additions and criticism from their readers regarding this text so that the second edition may be more informative and useful. It has been our endeavour to provide up-to-date, complete and unbiased presentation of all materials related to dog rearing and practice. W e w ish to acknowledge the assistance rendered by Kunwarani Prabha Kum ari, U.P. Kennel Club, Lucknow, Smt. E. Negi, C om m unication Centre, IVRI, Izatnagar, Shri R.R. Lokeshw ar, Editor and Smt. Aruna T. Kum ar, A ssociate Editor, A nim al Sciences, ICAR, New Delhi, Smt. Vijoy Laxmi Dhir, IARI, N ew Delhi, Dr. P.K. Malik, form er A.A.O., United India Insurance Company Ltd., Lucknow, Smt. R ukm ani Sudarshan, Secretary, Kennel Club o f India, Madras, Shri K undan Singh, Press Manager, IVRI, Izatnagar, M r Thakur Das, Mr. M ohd. Saleem, Mr. P.K. Saxena, M r Mohd. W aseem , Typists, Mr. G.C. Sinha, Artist and M r B.K. Das, photographer. Shri Kailash Chandra, P.S. to Director, IVRI, Izatnagar. The authors sincerely acknow ledge their gratitude to Dr. D.S. Balain, Director, IVRI for rendering his kind assistance time to time. The authors also express their thanks to all the dog ow ners who have rendered special assistance and m ade available information regarding dogs for this book. The authors are obliged to Er S.C. Tiwari, Superintending Air-Craft Engineer, Indian Air Lines and Chairm an, Institute of Electronics Telecom m unication Engineers, Delhi Centre for his time to tim e inspiration in bringing out this manuscript. The authors would also like to thank their spouses and families for their patience and help during the period of preparation of this manuscript. Last but not the least, the authors offer their sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to make this book a reality. M .C . S H A R M A N.N. P A T H A K P.N . B H A I
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